Runway AI makes AI video animations even easier and partners with Getty Images


Runway AI makes AI video animations even easier and partners with Getty Images

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Runway AI makes AI video animations even easier and partners with Getty Images

AI is swiftly altering the video production landscape, empowering creators to animate and optimize content in ways previously unimaginable. This amazing new technology is enabling those with limited technical skills to produce intricate animations and even full-length films and we are only at the start of the very beginning of the journey.

We’re witnessing a wave of innovative features and collaborations that are reshaping the animation industry, making it an exciting time for content creators and audiences alike. At the forefront of this shift is Runway AI , which has introduced a motion brush tool that animates parts of an image with remarkable precision.

This new AI animation tool, along with new motion and camera angle options, is streamlining the process of creating vibrant videos. Runway’s collaboration with Getty Images enhances this capability by allowing users to train custom AI models tailored to their video projects.

Runway AI partners with Getty Images

Runway AI is collaborating with Getty Images to introduce a novel video model tailored for enterprise clients. This initiative responds to the increasing demand for premium, personalized content among businesses. By integrating Runway’s capabilities with the extensive, fully licensed creative content library of Getty Images, the model offers an innovative solution for crafting and enlivening stories and concepts through video. This approach ensures readiness and safety for enterprise use.

Runway is joining forces with Getty Images to introduce an innovative video model designed for enterprise clients. This new initiative is aimed at meeting the growing demands of companies for top-tier, tailor-made content. The model leverages Runway’s technology in tandem with the extensive, fully licensed creative content library from Getty Images. It offers a fresh approach to realizing ideas and narratives through video, ensuring that the end product is both enterprise-ready and secure.

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Runway Getty Images Model (RGM)

Runway for Enterprise: The collaboration brings forth the Runway <> Getty Images Model (RGM), which serves as a foundational model that companies can customize to generate video content. Runway’s enterprise clients can refine the RGM using their unique datasets. This adaptability makes the model particularly valuable for a variety of sectors, including Hollywood studios, advertising agencies, media houses, broadcasting, and more. It empowers these industries to boost their creative potential, paving the way for novel content creation workflows. This model facilitates the production of engaging experiences that resonate with the distinct style, brand identity, and audience of each enterprise.

Cristóbal Valenzuela, CEO and co-founder of Runway, commented on the partnership: “Our collaboration with Getty Images elevates our mission to equip creators with next-gen AI tools to a higher level of creative freedom and personalization. This partnership will unveil new commercial opportunities and video products for companies, and we eagerly anticipate the outcomes.”

Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images, shared his enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Runway to enhance enterprise creativity and AI-driven exploration responsibly. Merging human talent and advanced technology opens up immense possibilities, especially in the realm of video creation.”

Together, Runway and Getty Images are set to redefine the limits of AI and video generation, simplifying the process for enterprises to create professional, compelling, and brand-aligned content. The RGM will soon be available for commercial use in the upcoming months.

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