Constellation psychological thriller TV series


Constellation psychological thriller TV series

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Constellation psychological thriller TV series

In the world of streaming television, Apple is carving out a niche for itself with high-quality, thought-provoking content. One of its latest offerings is the eight-part psychological thriller drama series “Constellation,” set to premiere in February 2024 on Apple TV+. This series, with its ensemble cast and intriguing premise, promises to be a captivating addition to the platform’s repertoire.

Constellation features a star-studded cast, led by the talented Noomi Rapace and Emmy Award nominee Jonathan Banks. Rapace, known for her intense performances in films like “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” plays Jo, an astronaut who returns to Earth after a space disaster, only to find key parts of her life missing. Banks, famous for his role in “Breaking Bad,” adds his seasoned acting prowess to the mix. The series also features James D’Arcy, Julian Looman, William Catlett, Barbara Sukowa, and newcomers Rosie and Davina Coleman as Alice, ensuring a diverse range of characters and performances.

The series is the brainchild of Peter Harness, who is known for his creative storytelling and engaging scripts. Harness has created and written the series, adding another feather to his cap. Harness also serves as an executive producer through Haunted Barn Ltd, alongside David Tanner, Tracey Scoffield, Caroline Benjo, Simon Arnal, Carole Scotta, and Justin Thomson.

Constellation TV series Apple TV+

The direction of Constellation TV series is helmed by a trio of acclaimed filmmakers: Emmy Award winner Michelle MacLaren, Oscar nominee Oliver Hirschbiegel, and Oscar nominee Joseph Cedar. MacLaren, who also serves as an executive producer alongside Rebecca Hobbs and co-executive producer Jahan Lopes for MacLaren Entertainment, directs the first two episodes. This collaboration of esteemed directors is sure to bring a unique cinematic flair to the series.

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The plot of “Constellation” is set to delve into the dark aspects of human psychology and the hidden history of space travel. This unique blend of space exploration and psychological thriller is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, as Jo’s quest to uncover the truth about space travel history unfolds.

The series is produced by Turbine Studios and Haut et Court TV, known for their high-quality productions. The production took place primarily in Germany, under the series producer Daniel Hetzer for Turbine Studios, Germany. This location choice, while perhaps unexpected for a series about space travel, could add a unique aesthetic to the series.

Constellation is set to premiere globally on Apple TV+ on February 21, 2024, with the first three episodes being released at once. Subsequent episodes will then be released weekly until March 27. This release schedule allows viewers to immerse themselves in the series’ world right from the start, while also building anticipation for the unfolding story.

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