Genesis Radium 600 G2 microphone for streamers


Genesis Radium 600 G2 microphone for streamers

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Genesis Radium 600 G2 microphone for streamers

Streamers and podcasters, can elevate their audio game with the new Genesis Radium 600 G2 microphone. This new pro streaming microphone for content creators, priced at 109.99€, is designed to deliver professional-grade audio quality that will provide amazing clarity audio to your audience.

The Radium 600 G2 is built with cardioid condenser microphone technology, which is celebrated for its precision in capturing voice with clarity. This means that every word you say will be heard with the crispness and quality that you aim for in your recordings.

The microphone’s sturdy construction is not just about durability; it also provides comfort during those extended streaming sessions. With a high maximum sampling frequency of 48 kHz and a frequency response range from 30 to 18,000 Hz, the Radium 600 G2 stands out in its ability to record sound with remarkable accuracy. This makes it a top pick for creators who put a premium on the fidelity of their audio.

Radium 600 G2

Genesis Radium 600 G2 mic features

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The Radium 600 G2 is equipped with useful accessories that will improve your recording setup. It comes with a desk mini tripod and an anti-vibration basket, which both help to minimize noise interference, ensuring that your recordings are crystal clear. Additionally, the microphone can be mounted on an arm, offering you the flexibility to position it in the best way possible for your environment.

The design of the Radium 600 G2 streaming microphone is as sleek as it is practical, featuring a matte black finish with silver accents that will look great in any studio. The microphone is user-friendly, with intuitive knobs that let you adjust recording sensitivity and playback volume effortlessly.

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Streaming microphone

Radium 600 G2 streaming microphone

“Radium 600 G2 is a microphone built with condenser capsule technology. Its cardioid characteristic focuses on capturing the sound directly from the front of the device, so your voice – deep and slightly warm, like in a real radio broadcast – will always remain in the foreground. This ensures very accurate sound reproduction, thanks to a maximum sampling frequency of 48 kHz and a wide frequency range from 30 to 18000 Hz.”

A quick mute function is also available for immediate privacy. The connectivity of the microphone is straightforward, with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a USB-C port, making it easy to monitor your audio in real-time and connect to your devices without any hassle.

To sum it up, the Genesis Radium 600 G2 microphone is an excellent option for streamers and content creators who are looking for a versatile and high-quality audio recording tool. Its blend of professional sound capture, robust build, and user-centric design makes it a significant improvement over its predecessor and a valuable asset for any creator’s collection.

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