Google Introduces Gemini its new AI Model


Google Introduces Gemini its new AI Model

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Google has introduced its latest AI model called Gemini and the search giant has said that this is the first model that can outperform human experts on Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU).

Gemini will bring AI-powered features to the Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone and it will also be integrated into Google Bard, the video below featuring Google’s CEO, Sundar Pinchai, and Demind CEO, Demis Hassabis gives us more details on  Gemini.

Google is launching Gemini 1.0 and there will be three versions, Gemini Ultra which is their most capable and largest model for complex tasks, Gemini Pro which is designed fior scalling a wide range of tasks and Gemini Nano, which is designed for on-device tasks.

We’ve been rigorously testing our Gemini models and evaluating their performance on a wide variety of tasks. From natural image, audio and video understanding to mathematical reasoning, Gemini Ultra’s performance exceeds current state-of-the-art results on 30 of the 32 widely-used academic benchmarks used in large language model (LLM) research and development.

With a score of 90.0%, Gemini Ultra is the first model to outperform human experts on MMLU (massive multitask language understanding), which uses a combination of 57 subjects such as math, physics, history, law, medicine and ethics for testing both world knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

Our new benchmark approach to MMLU enables Gemini to use its reasoning capabilities to think more carefully before answering difficult questions, leading to significant improvements over just using its first impression.

You can find out more information about Google Gemini over at Google’s website at the link below, it certainly sounds very interesting and we are looking forward to seeing how it performs.

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