20 Handy iPhone Gestures You May Not Know About


20 Handy iPhone Gestures You May Not Know About

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20 Handy iPhone Gestures You May Not Know About

Are you looking to streamline your iPhone experience and boost your efficiency, we get to find out about some helpful iPhone gestures. If you’re wondering how you’ll be pleased to know that mastering a few handy gestures can transform the way you navigate and utilize your device. These gestures, ranging from basic to advanced, unlock new interactions with your iPhone, making everyday tasks quicker and more intuitive. The video below from Proper Honest Tech gives us a look at these handy iPhone gestures.

  1. One-Handed Maps Zoom: Ever found yourself needing to zoom in on Maps with just one hand? Simply double-tap and hold in the Maps app, then slide up or down to zoom in or out seamlessly.
  2. Quick Back Swipe in Settings: Navigating the Settings menu is a breeze. Swipe from left to right to go back a page effortlessly, enhancing your navigation experience.
  3. Efficient Text Selection: Selecting text is more intuitive than ever. Double-tap to highlight a word and triple-tap to select an entire passage, making editing and copying text a swift task.
  4. Shake to Undo: Made a mistake? Just shake your iPhone to undo recent actions, such as typing errors or unwanted app movements. It’s like having a magic eraser at your fingertips.
  5. Three-Finger Text Maneuvers: For text editing, swipe with three fingers to undo or redo. This gesture is a game-changer for quick text adjustments.
  6. Smooth App Exits: To return to the home screen, simply swipe up from the bottom. Need to switch apps? Swipe and hold briefly to access the app carousel.
  7. Drag and Drop Simplicity: Easily drag and drop images or files between apps. This feature is particularly handy for multitasking and organizing your content.
  8. Safari’s Hidden History: In Safari, tap and hold the back button to reveal a list of previously visited pages, making it easier to navigate your web history.
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  10. App Arrangement Made Easy: Organize your apps with ease by dragging and swiping to move them across screens, customizing your home screen to your liking.
  11. Reachability for Comfort: Use the Reachability feature for easier one-handed use, especially on larger iPhone models. This feature brings everything within thumb’s reach.
  12. Control Centre Gestures: Adjust settings like brightness and volume with simple swipes in the Control Centre, making these adjustments more intuitive.
  13. Note-Taking Nuances: In the Notes app, swipe on bullet points to adjust their indentation, organizing your notes more effectively.
  14. Quick Message Responses: Double-tap a message to react or reply quickly, a handy feature for staying on top of your conversations.
  15. Pinch to Copy/Paste: Utilize a three-finger pinch gesture to copy and paste text, streamlining your text handling capabilities.
  16. Multiple Selection in Email and Photos: Swipe to select multiple emails or photos, a time-saving feature for organizing your inbox and gallery.
  17. Precise Cursor Control: Hold down the spacebar to move the cursor precisely within text, offering pinpoint accuracy for editing.
  18. Safari Tab Navigation: Effortlessly swipe at the bottom of Safari to switch between tabs, making web browsing smoother and more efficient.
  19. Back Tap Shortcuts: Assign shortcuts to double or triple tapping the back of your iPhone, a hidden gem for accessing features quickly.
  20. Quick Access Options: Tap and hold on apps or settings for quick access to additional options, making it easier to adjust settings or access app-specific features.
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By incorporating these 20 gestures into your daily iPhone use, you’ll discover a more streamlined and efficient way to interact with your device. Whether you’re a long-time iPhone user or new to the ecosystem, these gestures are sure to enhance your user experience, making your digital life more manageable and enjoyable.

Source & Image Credit: Proper Honest Tech

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