Is Elon Musk’s Grok AI any Good (Video)


Is Elon Musk’s Grok AI any Good (Video)

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In the ever-evolving landscape of AI chatbots, a new contender has emerged on the platform – Grok AI. Brought to you with the innovative spirit of Elon Musk’s ventures, Grok AI is not just another chatbot. It’s a new player in a field dominated by names like ChatGPT and Bard. But how does it really measure up? Let’s dive into a comprehensive review and comparison to find out.

Firstly, you’ll need to access Grok AI through, and it comes with a price tag – a subscription to X Premium Plus at $16 a month. This might make you wonder, is the investment worth it? The video below from Skill Leap AI gives us a look at Grok AI.

As you explore Grok’s interface, you’ll notice it cannot save chats. This feature, or the lack thereof, could be pivotal depending on your usage. There’s also a ‘fun mode’, designed for light-hearted, humorous interactions. If you’re looking for a blend of professionalism with a dash of humor, Grok might just be your go-to.

However, if staying up-to-date is your top priority, Grok might not hit the mark. The platform claims to provide real-time information from posts, but the review suggests otherwise. Grok’s responses often lag behind current events, particularly in the rapidly changing AI sector.

When pitted against ChatGPT and Bard for current AI news, Grok doesn’t fare too well. Bard, especially, seems to lead the pack with the most comprehensive and current information.

In the realm of research and data analysis, Grok’s performance is again overshadowed by Bard. Grok’s information often appears outdated and it struggles with reliable link generation – a critical aspect for research tasks.

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Where Grok does shine is in creative writing and email composition. It demonstrates competence in both regular and fun modes, producing satisfactory results. So, if crafting engaging content or professional emails is your goal, Grok might just be the tool for you.

Interestingly, Grok can also assist in developing marketing strategies. However, be mindful of its bias towards using its own platform,, as a primary channel.

For those delving into technical topics, Grok proves to be quite versatile. It effectively explains complex subjects like blockchain and can even write code in HTML and Python. This versatility in technical tasks is indeed a strong suit of Grok.

When it comes to problem-solving and resource linking, Grok’s performance is a mixed bag. While its problem-solving responses can sometimes include an unwelcome touch of humor, it also struggles with providing accurate external resource links.

Overall, Grok AI has its strengths and weaknesses. It excels in creative and technical tasks but falls short in providing current information and reliable research resources, particularly when compared to other AI chatbots like Bard.

As we delve into this new era of AI chatbots, it’s clear that each has its unique offerings. Grok, with its blend of humor and technical proficiency, could be a valuable tool for specific needs. Yet, for those requiring up-to-the-minute information and thorough research capabilities, alternatives like Bard might be more fitting.

Remember, the choice of an AI chatbot depends greatly on your specific needs and usage. Grok AI, with its unique features and limitations, is yet another fascinating addition to the diverse world of AI chatbots.

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Source & Image Credit: Skill Leap AI

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