Discover BLUETTI’s Game-Changing Portable Power Stations


Discover BLUETTI’s Game-Changing Portable Power Stations

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Discover BLUETTI’s Game-Changing Portable Power Stations


Thought you missed out on Black Friday bargains for Portable Power Stations? Well, hold onto your hats, because Christmas just got a whole lot brighter! BLUETTI, the powerhouse of portable power solutions, is rolling out a holiday miracle – offering you a golden opportunity to snag the power station you’ve always wanted at a jaw-dropping discount, with savings soaring up to 38% from Dec.11 to Dec. 25.

Dive into the BLUETTI Holiday Extravaganza

BLUETTI’s power stations aren’t just gadgets – they’re the ultimate, versatile gifts for you, your family, and your friends. Imagine lighting up your Christmas tree and powering your festive cheer, whether you’re cozying up at home or adventuring in the winter wonderland outdoors.

Fast-charging Powerhouse: BLUETTI AC200L

Bluetti AC200L

Kickstart Your Savings at $1499 (originally $1699), Pocket a Cool $200 Discount – Ready to ditch the noisy charging brick and step into the future? Meet the freshly launched AC200L – your silent power hero. This marvel packs a punch with a bi-directional inverter, boasting a colossal 2,400W output and a rapid 2,400W wall charging capability. Dreaming of endless power? Simply team it up with expansion batteries or solar panels for a relentless 1,200W solar charge. Plus, with its ultra-fast UPS mode flipping the switch in just 20 milliseconds, you can kiss those pesky power outages goodbye.

On-the-go Power: BLUETTI AC70

Bluetti AC70

Only $499 (down from $599), Snag a $100 Discount –  Embark on your festive adventures with the AC70, the perfect companion for your holiday camping escapades and emergency backup needs. Compact yet mighty, the AC70 tips the scales at a mere 10.2kg (22.5lbs), offering a robust 1,000W of power for your smaller appliances and gadgets. And here’s the cherry on top – the BLUETTI app, your digital command center, allows you to keep tabs on and control the unit from the cozy confines of your sleeping bag, making your camping experience effortlessly smart and connected.

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Outdoor Solar Generator Kit: BLUETTI AC180 + PV200S

Bluetti AC180

Starts at $999 (was $1598), Save $599 – Seeking a mighty power bundle for our wilderness outings? Feast Your Eyes on the BLUETTI AC180. When it’s time to power up your electric grills and brew that perfect cup of coffee in the great outdoors, this 16kg (36.1lbs) portable powerhouse is your go-to. Capable of handling up to 2,000W resistive loads with its Power Lifting mode, the AC180 is a true force of nature.

Power on tap, whenever, wherever – the AC180 is a quick-charge maestro. Zip from zero to 80% in just 45 minutes with its 1,440W mains charging. Or embrace the sun’s bounty with a 500W solar charge that tops you off in a swift 2 hours. And here’s a clever twist: when you hook up both solar and mains, it smartly prioritizes solar to keep your costs down and eco-credentials up.”

Bluetti AC200 MAX

Starts at $2298 (was $2998), Save $700 –  BLUETTI’s Crown Jewel – AC200MAX: The Ultimate Powerhouse for Road Trips and Emergency Prep. This top-tier model is your trusty sidekick for juicing up everything from your refrigerator to your iPhones, all at once. Dream of limitless power? Expand its capacity to a staggering 6,144Wh with two B230 expansion batteries. And in the face of a multi-day blackout, relax knowing your food stays chilled and fresh.

The AC200MAX is a veritable power hub with 16 outlets, including a NEMA TT-30 RV plug ready to energize your rig directly. Pair it with solar panels, and you’re looking at a robust 900-watt charge, ensuring you stay powered up, no matter where your adventures take you.

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Scalable Home Backup Power: BLUETTI AC300 + B300

Bluetti AC300

Starts at $2499 (was $3299), Save $800, With a free folding trolley(reg. $299) – Home Backup Revolutionized: Meet the AC300 System. When the lights flicker and power wanes, this UPS is your home’s unwavering guardian. Within a swift 20ms, it springs into action, ensuring your essentials – lights, fridge, heating system – don’t miss a beat. What’s more, this isn’t just any battery system. It’s a modular marvel, tailored to fit your specific energy needs and budget.

Choose your power level, from 2 to 4 B300 batteries, each packing 3,072Wh, and scale up to an awe-inspiring 12,288Wh. And when it comes to recharging? The AC300 is all about speed and sustainability. Opt for a rapid 3,000W mains charge, or go green with a 2,400W solar charge, slicing your bills while championing clean energy

The Perfect Christmas Gifts from BLUETTI

Embark on a Journey with BLUETTI, Where Every Purchase Brings Peace of Mind and Sparks Inspiration – just like the stories of our BLUETTI Heroes.

Take a moment to meet Tom Phease, a spirited 75-year-old whose off-grid farming life has been revolutionized by BLUETTI’s AC300 and AC500 battery systems. Nestled in his solar-powered shed, these systems have propelled Tom into a world of energy independence.

Then there’s Latrell Mitchell, a rugby league icon, who found refuge and rejuvenation at Winmarra Farm, nursing a calf injury. Here, BLUETTI’s generators are more than just power sources; they’re catalysts for healing, powering Latrell’s off-grid pursuits and recharging his spirit for a stronger comeback.

BLUETTI isn’t just about delivering power solutions; it’s about energizing lives, fueling passions, and fostering a sustainable future. This festive season, BLUETTI goes the extra mile – rewarding you with triple BLUETTI BUCKs on your purchase and a 5% bonus for friend referrals. Gift yourself or your loved ones with BLUETTI this Christmas, and unlock a realm of endless possibilities.

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BLUETTI has been committed to promoting sustainability and green energy solutions since its inception. By offering eco-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use, BLUETTI aims to provide exceptional experiences for our homes while also contributing to a sustainable future for our planet. This commitment to sustainable energy has helped BLUETTI expand its reach to over 100 countries and gain the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

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