iPhone 15 Pro receives 3D spatial video recording feature


iPhone 15 Pro receives 3D spatial video recording feature

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In preparation for the launch of the Apple Vision Pro Apple has rolled out the ability to capture spatial photos and spatial videos in 3D using it’s latest iPhone 15 Pro. Apple Vision Pro headset which will be launching  sometime early next year has been specifically designed to transform any room into your own personal theater. Expand your movies, shows, and games up to the perfect size while feeling like you’re part of the action with Spatial Audio.

Spatial video capture, compatible with iOS 17.2, is a groundbreaking feature that allows users to record spatial videos. This technology captures videos in 1080p at 30 frames per second in standard dynamic range, providing a viewing experience that is as close to reality as it gets. The spatial videos are recorded using the Main and Ultra Wide cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max while in landscape orientation. This new feature can be easily enabled in the settings of these devices.

To use this feature, users need to open the Camera app in Video mode, rotate the iPhone to landscape orientation, tap the spatial video icon, and then tap record. For the best results, it is advised to keep the iPhone steady and seek out balanced lighting conditions while recording spatial videos. This ensures that the resulting footage is clear, crisp, and accurately represents the recorded scene.

What is spatial video recording?

Spatial video recording is a method of capturing video that includes three-dimensional space and environmental context, going beyond traditional two-dimensional video. This approach uses technologies like 360-degree cameras or multiple camera arrays to record a scene from various angles, creating an immersive experience. The key feature of spatial video is its ability to record not just the visual elements but also their spatial relationships, giving viewers a more comprehensive sense of the environment being recorded.

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When viewing spatial video content, users can often interact with the video, changing their viewpoint or perspective. This interactivity allows for a more engaging and immersive experience, especially in virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) applications. The technology is particularly useful in fields like real estate, where it can provide virtual tours of properties, or in training and simulation, where it can create realistic, immersive environments for learning.

The creation and processing of spatial video require more advanced hardware and software compared to standard video. It often involves stitching together footage from multiple cameras and calibrating the spatial relationships between different parts of the video. The result is a richer, more detailed representation of a physical space that can be explored interactively by the viewer.

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Interestingly, spatial videos appear as regular, 2D videos on the iPhone and other devices. This means they can be watched or shared just like any other video, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Users can find all of their spatial videos within a new Spatial album in the Photos app, and all of their spatial videos will sync across their devices with iCloud, making it easy to access and share these videos from any device.

The introduction of spatial video capture on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max comes ahead of the debut of Apple Vision Pro. This highly anticipated platform will allow users to play back spatial videos in a window or expanded into an immersive view, further enhancing the viewing experience. The compatibility of spatial videos with Apple Vision Pro is a significant step forward, promising to bring a new level of realism to video content.

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The introduction of spatial video capture on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max marks a significant leap in video recording technology. By providing a three-dimensional viewing experience, this feature promises to transform the way users capture, view, and share videos. As we anticipate the debut of Apple Vision Pro, it is clear that the future of video technology is here, and it is spatial.

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