ADATA SATA 31D industrial grade stable long-term SSD storage


ADATA SATA 31D industrial grade stable long-term SSD storage

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ADATA industrial-grade embedded storage manufacture, has recently unveiled its SATA 31D series of industrial-grade solid-state drives (SSDs). This new long-term SSD storage includes the 2.5-inch ISSS31D, M.2 2280 IM2S31D8, and M.2 2242 IM2S31D4, all of which are specifically designed for retail terminals and embedded systems. This strategic product release marks a significant step forward in the company’s commitment to providing professional, stable, efficient, and durable storage solutions across various sectors.

The SATA 31D series industrial grade stable long-term SSD storage, employing 112-layer 3D TLC flash memory developed by WDC. This advanced memory technology offers a P/E Cycle of 3,000, putting it on par with MLC. In terms of capacity, the series offers a wide range of ultra-thin and compact mainstream specifications, with options ranging from 128 GB to a massive 2 TB. This flexibility in capacity ensures that the SATA 31D series can meet the diverse storage needs of various applications and sectors.

Industrial SSD storage

One of the standout features of the SATA 31D series SSDs is the support for thermal throttling technology. This technology helps mitigate the risk of data damage due to overheating, a common concern with high-performance storage devices. This is complemented by a LDPC ECC error correction mechanism and End-to-End Data Protection technology, which together ensure reliable data transfer and improved data integrity. These features underscore the SATA 31D series’ commitment to reliability and stability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

In terms of application, the SATA 31D series SSDs are particularly well-suited for POS systems, information kiosks, digital signage, and embedded equipment. Their high-quality components and highly integrated firmware ensure that their performance remains unaffected by environmental factors, further enhancing their applicability in diverse settings. Here are some other articles you may find of interest on the subject of SSD storage.

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Stable long-term solid-state drive storage

To improve the stability of random read/write operations and enhance instant read/write performance, ADATA Industrial has introduced SLC Cache caching technology to the SATA 31D series SSDs. This innovative technology further bolsters the series’ performance capabilities, ensuring that they can handle the demands of high-performance applications.

The SATA 31D series SSDs are now in mass production and have been successfully integrated into leading POS machines and touch screen computers globally. This successful introduction is a testament to the series’ high-quality design and performance capabilities. Rigorous testing and verification processes have further demonstrated the SSDs’ capacity for stable, long-term operation, underscoring their reliability and durability.

Looking to the future, ADATA Industrial aims to continue providing professional storage solutions to various sectors. The SATA 31D series SSDs, with their high performance and reliability, are expected to be a valuable addition to sectors such as AI smart retail, industrial-grade computer, industrial tablet, and medical equipment manufacturers. This aligns with ADATA Industrial’s commitment to meeting the evolving storage needs of these sectors and contributing to their continued growth and success.

The SATA 31D series SSDs from ADATA Industrial represent a significant advancement in industrial-grade storage solutions. With their high-quality components, advanced features, and reliable performance, they are poised to meet the diverse storage needs of various sectors. Whether for POS systems, information kiosks, digital signage, or embedded equipment, the SATA 31D series SSDs offer a reliable and efficient storage solution. Their successful introduction and integration into leading POS machines and touch screen computers globally further underscore their potential to drive the future of industrial-grade storage solutions.

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