iOS 17.2 battery test (Video)


iOS 17.2 battery test (Video)

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iOS 17.2 battery test (Video)

Apple recently released iOS 17.2 for the iPhone, they also released macOS Sonoma 14.2 for the Mac, watchOS 10.2 for the Apple Watch, tvOS 17.2 for the Apple TV, and iPadOS 17.2 for the iPad.

We have seen several videos of the new iOS 17.2 in action and now we have a new video from iAppleBytes, this one is a battery test video and we get to find out if there are any battery life improvements in the latest iOS software update. The tests are run on a range of iPhones including the 2020 iPhone SE, the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12, and the iPhone 13.

As we can see from the video there are some minor improvements in battery life on some handsets but not all of them, hiopefully we will see some improvements in battery life in the next software update.

This update brings lots of new features to the iPhone, this includes the new Journal App which is designed to help users document life’s moments, both big and small. This app aims to enhance well-being through gratitude practice. It offers journaling suggestions, intelligently grouping various activities and photos to facilitate reflection. Users can filter to find specific entries, set reminders for consistent journaling, and secure their journal with Touch ID or Face ID. iCloud sync ensures that journal entries are safely encrypted and stored.

The Messages app now includes a catch-up arrow for navigating to unread messages, an option to add stickers directly to messages, updated Memoji customization, and security features for verifying contacts in sensitive situations. The Weather app is enhanced with detailed precipitation forecasts, new widgets for various weather conditions, a wind map snapshot, and an interactive moon calendar.

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The update brings a translation option to the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro models, enabling quick phrase translations and language-assisted conversations. Spatial video recording is introduced for the iPhone 15 Pro models, allowing users to capture three-dimensional videos, compatible with Apple Vision Pro. There’s also an improvement in the telephoto camera’s focusing speed, especially for capturing distant small objects.

The new iOS 17.2 software includes various other enhancements like Siri support for private Health app data access, AirDrop improvements, a Favorite Songs Playlist in Apple Music, the option to disable Listening History in specific Focus modes, a new Digital Clock Widget, enhanced AutoFill for form fields, support for 8 Sámi language keyboard layouts, a sensitive content warning for stickers in Messages, Qi2 charger support for recent iPhone models, and fixes for issues like wireless charging in certain vehicles.

Source iAppleBytes

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