Intel AI Everywhere event full keynote presentation


Intel AI Everywhere event full keynote presentation

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At the recent Intel AI Everywhere event held in New York City, Intel unveiled an extensive portfolio of products designed to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) across various platforms. The event marked a significant stride in Intel’s mission to bring AI everywhere, underlined by CEO Pat Gelsinger’s emphasis on the company’s commitment to well-engineered platforms, secure solutions, and support for open ecosystems.

A noteworthy addition to Intel’s AI product portfolio is the Intel Core Ultra mobile processor family. This new range of processors, built on Intel 4 process technology, is the first to benefit from the company’s largest architectural shift in four decades. The Intel Core Ultra is designed to usher in the age of the AI PC, featuring Intel’s first client on-chip AI accelerator, the neural processing unit (NPU). This NPU offers 2.5 times better power efficiency than the previous generation, underlining the company’s commitment to energy-efficient AI solutions.

Intel AI Everywhere event

“At Intel’s AI Everywhere event Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger joined Michelle Johnston Holthaus, general manager of the Client Computing Group, Sandra Rivera, general manager of the Data Center and AI Group, and Christoph Schell, chief commercial officer, at the launch of 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors and Intel Core Ultra processors. “

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In addition to the Intel Core Ultra, the company also introduced the 5th Gen Intel Xeon processor family. Built with AI acceleration in every core, these processors offer significant improvements in AI and overall performance, while also reducing the total cost of ownership. The 5th Gen Intel Xeon processor family delivers a 21% average performance gain for general compute performance and enables 36% higher average performance per watt across a range of customer workloads.

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In a bid to maximize the impact of its AI hardware, Intel has partnered with over 100 software vendors. This collaboration aims to bring several hundred AI-boosted applications to the PC market. Intel Core Ultra-based AI PCs are now available from select U.S. retailers. Over the next year, Intel Core Ultra is expected to bring AI to more than 230 designs from laptop and PC makers worldwide.

Both the Intel Core Ultra and the 5th Gen Intel Xeon are anticipated to be used in a variety of applications, including edge computing use cases. Edge computing, which represents the fastest-growing segment of computing, involves processing data closer to the source, thereby reducing latency and bandwidth use.

Intel’s commitment to making AI hardware technologies as accessible and easy-to-use as possible is evident in its developer tools, oneAPI and the OpenVINO toolkit. These tools help developers build, optimize, and deploy AI models across a wide variety of inference targets. They also offer foundational libraries, further simplifying the development process.

Looking to the future, Intel unveiled its upcoming Gaudi AI accelerator. This next-generation AI accelerator, designed for deep learning and large-scale generative AI models, is set to be released next year.

The AI Everywhere event underscored Intel’s commitment to integrating AI across various platforms. The introduction of products like the Intel Core Ultra mobile processor family, the 5th Gen Intel Xeon processor family, and the upcoming Gaudi AI accelerator demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation in AI technology. By partnering with software vendors and providing developer tools, Intel is not only advancing its own product portfolio but also facilitating the wider adoption of AI technologies across the technology sector.

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