OpenAI $10M grants for superhuman AI systems research


OpenAI $10M grants for superhuman AI systems research

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OpenAI M grants for superhuman AI systems research

OpenAI has recently announced the launch of a substantial $10M grant program, known as the Superalignment Fast Grants. This ambitious initiative is designed to support and stimulate technical research focused on the alignment and safety of superhuman AI systems. This significant move by OpenAI underscores the growing concern and interest in the development and control of superhuman AI systems, and their potential risks and benefits.

$10M in grants to support technical research on AGI alignment. We will need new breakthroughs to steer and control AI systems much smarter than us. This is one of the most important unsolved technical problems of our time. But we think it is a solvable machine learning problem. New researchers can make enormous contributions!” Explains OpenAI. Applications need to be registered by every 18th 2024.

Superhuman AI systems, as the name suggests, are AI that surpass human intelligence in most economically valuable work. OpenAI believes that the advent of superintelligence could be imminent, potentially within the next decade. While this development could bring enormous benefits, from breakthroughs in healthcare to solving complex global issues, it also carries significant risks. The challenge lies in ensuring these superhuman AI systems and perhaps the recently unveiled humanoid robots that are currently and develop and are aligned with human values and interests and can be controlled and trusted by humans, an issue that has been a focal point in the AI community.

Superhuman AI systems

Current AI alignment techniques, such as reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), have been instrumental in training AI systems. However, these methods may not be sufficient for future superhuman AI systems. These advanced AI systems are likely to exhibit complex and creative behaviors that RLHF might not be able to fully harness or control. As AI systems evolve to become more intelligent and autonomous, the task of aligning them with human values and ensuring their safety becomes increasingly daunting.

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Recognizing the inadequacy of current alignment techniques and the pressing need for advanced methods, OpenAI is launching the Superalignment project. The project aims to bring together the best researchers and engineers to tackle the challenge of superhuman AI alignment and safety. The organization believes this is a solvable problem and sees many promising approaches and opportunities for the machine learning research community to make significant progress.

Superalignment Fast Grants

To further bolster the efforts of the Superalignment project, OpenAI is introducing the $10M Superalignment Fast Grants program in partnership with Eric Schmidt, the former Google CEO. The grants, ranging from $100K to $2M, will be available for academic labs, nonprofits, and individual researchers. In addition, a one-year $150K OpenAI Superalignment Fellowship will be offered to graduate students, providing a $75K stipend and $75K in compute and research funding.

The Superalignment Fast Grants program and the fellowship are devised to attract new people to the field and encourage a broader range of perspectives and ideas. Importantly, no prior experience in alignment is required to apply for these grants, opening the door for fresh and innovative approaches. The application process is straightforward, with a response time of four weeks after applications close, ensuring swift feedback for applicants.

OpenAI’s launch of this substantial grant program signifies a significant step forward in the AI field. It highlights the urgency and importance of aligning superhuman AI systems with human values and ensuring their safety. With the Superalignment project and the Fast Grants program, OpenAI is not only addressing this challenge but also fostering an inclusive and diverse research community that can contribute to this complex and crucial task. This initiative is a testament to OpenAI’s commitment to ensuring that AI benefits all of humanity.

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