DTF Printing: Make Your Customized T-Shirt Unique


DTF Printing: Make Your Customized T-Shirt Unique

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DTF Printing: Make Your Customized T-Shirt Unique

In today’s fast-moving digital age, DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing has become a unique, personalized production method that allows everyone to create their own custom T-shirt. This technology allows each T-shirt to be a unique, customized piece of artwork by printing images or text directly onto a PET film, which is then transferred onto the T-shirt fabric via a heat press.

1.Introduction to DTF Printing Technology

DTF printing technology is a kind of printing method very similar to heat sublimation transfer. First of all, you need to prepare a DTF printer and heat press, or consider a higher configuration if you need to save labor cost. Match with cutting machine and full-automatic intelligent DTF printer.

Workflow: first design the pattern, then design the spot color channel (now the technology is updated, it has been possible to match with intelligent CADlink, a key to import the picture, automatically generate the spot color channel.) The workflow. After the picture is done, the computer operates the DTF printer to print, sprinkle powder, dry, cut and press. Some of the previous thermal transfer printing will reduce the softness and comfort of the T-shirt, but DTF printing can do to ensure the softness and comfort of the T-shirt.

In addition, DTF printing technology has the advantages of high definition, high resolution and high quality. It can use a wide range of colors and inks and can print on different materials and surfaces. The printing speed of this technology is also very fast, and a large number of printing jobs can be done in a short period of time.

2. Advantages of DTF printing

Highly personalized and customizable: DTF printing allows you to create a unique look for your own t-shirts. Whether you want to print your own photo, have your favorite movie character on your T-shirt, or create customized T-shirts for your team, DTF printing can meet your needs.

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Durability and Quality: The ink used for DTF printing is usually highly durable and can maintain vibrant colors after many washes. In addition, because the colors are adjustable and true to the design, the printed image is often more vivid and realistic than traditional transfer methods.

Available Colors and Materials: DTF printing allows you to print on a wide variety of colors and materials. Whether you want to print a black and white photo on a cotton t-shirt or a colorful artwork on a silk t-shirt, you can easily do so. This is a much wider range of applications compared to thermal sublimation, which can only print on light-colored garments.

Environmentally friendly: DTF printing is more environmentally friendly compared to the traditional way of making garments. This is because it does not require the use of any chemicals or dyes, nor does it need to undergo any chemical treatment. It is also more economically efficient as it reduces the production of waste materials.

Fast and flexible: DTF printing is a very fast and flexible technology. You can produce a T-shirt in a few hours and can change the image or text as often as needed. It eliminates the need for tedious steps such as screen printing to make a plate and a film. This makes it an ideal production method for small batches.

3. Choose the right consumables

DTF printers are one of the unique printing methods, but what is produced is always still clothing. The ultimate display of uniqueness: it should still be the T-shirt that stands out. The main thing in the above introduction is that the T-shirt can keep softness and comfort. Then the unique manifestation is the design and shape of the T-shirt.

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DTF printing consumables are mainly: DTF ink, DTF transfer film, DTF hot melt powder.

The quality of DTF ink affects the stable operation of the printer, and the stable operation helps to output stable quality of hot stamping film for a long time. So choose the ink with small particles and no precipitation. Currently, Sublistar can provide non-sedimentation ink. It can be done without circulating and stirring without settling. It smoothly maintains the long-lasting and stable printing of DTF printers.

DTF transfer film with the development of technology, there have been a variety of specialty films appear. Meet the many needs of personalized customization. Dazzle color reflective film. Laser film, temperature change film, luminous film, hot stamping film, hot stamping silver film and so on. Various effects can be achieved as the name suggests. Reflective films that sparkle like a rainbow also have different effects when there is a large temperature difference.

DTF hot melt powders are also available in a variety of options.

Soft DTF Powder:Particle size 80-170um, easy to melt, soft and smooth after the transfer, suitable for smooth and flat fabrics, such as T-shirts, sweaters, sweaters, polo shirts.

Rough DTF Powder:Particle size: 120–250, easy to melt. After transferring, the hand feel is obvious. It is suitable for rough fabrics, such as denim, non-woven fabrics, and linen.

Anti-stretch DTF Powder:This powder is very fine and easy to melt, the transfer finished product is stretch-resistant and suitable for stretch fabric.

Anti-sublimation DTF powder: It is used to block clothing colors or patterns that may be visible through transfer. And it is easy to melt, making it suitable for dark fabrics.

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Easy-to-Peel DTF powder: Using easy-to-peel DTF powder, even with ordinary cold peel DTF film can also achieve instant tearing without waiting.

So, choose the appropriate hot melt powder for different fabrics for higher output quality.

4.How to choose a reliable DTF printing service provider?

Check their qualification and experience, check their samples and cases, know their service and price, and know their customers’ feedback of using.

In addition, look at the appearance design of the machine and all the performance of the machine. Whether it has humanized settings, easy to operate and use. Whether the problems during the operation of the machine have been improved or solved at a later stage.

In conclusion, DTF printing technology is an innovative printing method, which can make T-shirt patterns and texts more vivid and realistic, and can be personalized. This technology has a wide range of applications, including customized T-shirts, apparel souvenir making, group wear and fashion design. It offers the advantages of personalization, high quality and clarity, fast delivery and environmental sustainability. With the continuous development and advancement of technology, DTF printing technology will become more and more mature and perfect, bringing more convenience and fun to people’s life.

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