Living in Minnesota: What to Know Before You Move


Living in Minnesota: What to Know Before You Move

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Living in Minnesota: What to Know Before You Move


You’re moving to the Upper Midwest, and Minnesota, for that matter. The Land of 10,000 Lakes is fascinating. And wait, the nickname is not a gimmick. The state does have that many water bodies.

With a population shy of 6 million, Minnesota is experiencing steady growth, a testament to the natural beauty and stable economy.

Still, moving to a new state is a life-changing decision demanding proper consideration. As such, this post highlights things you need to know before moving to Minnesota.

Minnesotans are City Dwellers

Minnesota’s Twin Cities is the third largest metropolitan area in the Midwest. It consists of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, its principal cities sitting on either side of the Mississippi River.

The Twin Cities is not just Minnesota’s political, economic, and cultural hub. It’s also home to more than 60% of the state’s population, meaning that less than 40% of the population is spread across the rest of the state.

Overall, an estimated 4 million people live in the urban areas, and that’s over 73% of the state’s population.

When relocating to Minnesota, you should definitely consider where to go because access to the best resources may depend on where most people are.

The Outdoors is Fantastic

Minnesota has beautiful outdoors, which is typical of the Midwest. Approximately a third of the state is covered in lush forests that make for a breathtaking landscape in autumn.

Locals are fond of the outdoors and participate in recreational activities year-round, especially in the warmer months when the numerous lakes are bustling with water-based activities.

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With 72 state parks, state forests, and national forests, there are plenty of adventures to embark on. The vast wilderness resulted in extensive biking and hiking trails. 

Superior Hiking Trail in the northeast, spanning 235 miles, serves as the longest hiking trail in the state.

If you can handle the cold, you will enjoy the winter activities that thrive on the frozen lakes and heavy snowfalls. Skating, snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing are popular winter activities to expect.

Winters are Pretty Cold!

Like the rest of the Midwest, Minnesota enjoys all four seasons, but summers and winters can be pretty intense.

While summers do get hot and humid, it’s the cold you should really consider. The state is known for its brutal winters with average temperatures of around 15°F and 25°F. 

The northern part of the state is usually colder. Heavy snowfalls and blizzards across the state are normal occurrences.

A Diverse Culture

Minnesota is home to various cultures that create a unique blend. Significant immigration has led to the rise of various communities, from Latin Americans and South Asians to East Africans.

The diverse culture has influenced entertainment and culinary scenes, with the rich tapestry of traditions standing out during local events and festivals.

Education is Excellent

Minnesota has long maintained high standards when it comes to education. It boasts excellent schools with an education system considered among the best in the nation.

Private and public schools perform well, which means there is no shortage of good schools across the state. When it comes to college education, the state boasts exceptional institutions besides the University of Minnesota, one of the best in the Midwest.

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The highly educated population proves that Minnesotans value education, with more than half of people aged 25 and older having an associate degree or higher. 

The State is Progressive

Minnesota enjoys a socially progressive atmosphere that you can partly attribute to the friendly and courteous population.

Cannabis legalization is an excellent example of the state’s progressive views. Residents 21 and older can buy and consume marijuana on private property. Medicinal cannabis is also available through the state’s medical cannabis program.

Access as a new resident is pretty straightforward. Veriheal can guide you regarding the medicinal weed option. 

If you’re not pro-cannabis, you may want to consider the state’s stance on the issue. 

Final Thoughts

Moving from one state to another is no doubt a big undertaking. If you’re planning to make Minnesota your home, it’s essential to prepare and know what to expect regarding the weather, career opportunities, schools, local culture, and more.

Living in Minnesota can be fun and fulfilling, with plenty of adventure and exciting experiences. Hopefully, these tips will make your transition easier.

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