Easily and time stamps to your YouTube videos using Tubestamp


Easily and time stamps to your YouTube videos using Tubestamp

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When creating YouTube content one of the more tedious tasks for creators has been adding timestamps to video descriptions, which help viewers find and jump to the most interesting parts of a video. Some more established YouTubers get timestamps automatically added but have no control over whether Google actually does add it to their descriptions are not. Now, a new service called Tubestamp is here to simplify this process. Developed by Corbin AI, Tubestamp uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate accurate timestamps, which can then be easily added to video descriptions, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Tubestamp’s technology is designed to analyze videos and create precise markers that viewers can use to navigate through content. This not only saves creators a significant amount of time but also ensures that audiences can effortlessly find the content they’re most interested in. The service is built on a foundation of advanced AI, which is the key to its efficiency and accuracy.

The team behind Tubestamp, Corbin AI, chose Firebase and Google Cloud for their backend infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and scalable service that works seamlessly with YouTube’s API. For the frontend, they opted for React because of its ability to deliver a responsive and user-friendly interface. The coding environment of choice was Visual Studio Code, known for its robust features.

Tubestamp YouTube timestamp creator

The creation process behind Tubestamp

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Corbin AI’s development process for Tubestamp was thorough and included coding, API integration, and rigorous testing. They faced challenges such as securing API access and verification, which is a typical hurdle when dealing with YouTube and Google platforms. The review phase focused on optimization to guarantee that Tubestamp would perform smoothly after its launch. Additionally, the team took the necessary legal steps, forming an LLC and securing copyright for their product.

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The Software as a Service (SaaS) model adopted by Tubestamp promises high profit margins due to the low operational costs of the backend infrastructure. With effective marketing and ongoing development, Tubestamp is poised to become a key tool for YouTube creators and a successful business venture for Corbin AI.

Looking ahead, Corbin AI is committed to enhancing Tubestamp by adding new features that meet the evolving needs of YouTube creators. They aim to keep Tubestamp at the forefront of the market by continuously adapting to changes in content creation. Tubestamp stands out as a valuable tool for YouTube creators, thanks to its AI-driven timestamping capabilities, ease of use, and solid technological foundation. It is designed to improve viewer engagement and make content management more efficient for creators.

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