How to Make Your Perfume Stand Out in the Cold Weather


How to Make Your Perfume Stand Out in the Cold Weather

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Although you may not be aware of it, the weather and temperature have significant effects on your favorite fragrances. 

Hot weather causes your perfume to evaporate faster, intensifying the top notes and potentially changing their composition. During the cold season, you may need to reapply your perfume more frequently to ensure your scent stays longer on your skin and stands out.

When temperatures drop, you may notice a change in your favorite scents, since perfume needs heat to evaporate and dispel its fragrance.  

Cold weather tends to suppress the evaporation rate of fragrance molecules. Because of this, you’ll notice your scent may become more subtle or muted.

Since the cold weather is already here, you may want to start thinking about how to make your floral perfumes last longer and stand out. By doing so, you can make the most of your favorite scents and be confident about how you smell during cold weather.

Making Your Scent Stand Out and Last Longer 

Whether you’re wearing oriental, woody, fresh or floral perfumes, follow these tips to ensure they stand out and last longer during the cold season:

1. Go for deeper, richer scents.

A change in season usually calls for a wardrobe upgrade. While shopping for new outfits, get one or two perfumes more suitable for the cold weather, too.

During the cold season, choose perfumes with base note-heavy formulas. These fragrances showcase a combination of woody and musky or oriental notes.

Perfumes with a blend of citrus, floral, woody, and vanilla notes are also excellent options since they evoke deeper, richer and more pronounced scents.

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Make sure you choose eau de parfum (EDP) instead of eau de toilette (EDT) since the former is more concentrated and permeates your clothes easily. EDP has a stronger, more noticeable scent as well, which means you don’t have to spray on a lot to smell great.

2. Apply body lotion or oil before spritzing your perfume.

Since perfumes are less likely to cling to dry skin, keep your body hydrated by being more generous with your moisturizer.

Apply rich emollient cream after taking a bath to lock in moisture and spray on your perfume as soon as possible. This simple tip helps you lock in your scent of the day and helps your skin become less prone to irritation and flaking in the cold season.

When applying your moisturizer, pay special attention to your neck, wrist and other areas where you spritz your perfume to ensure the fragrance lasts long and stands out.

If you have a perfume and lotion or moisturizer set, use both to make your fragrance really stand out. If you want to apply body oil, use an unscented product to make the fragrance more pronounced.

Another option is to use body oil with sandalwood, cedar, or ylang-ylang, since these ingredients can add depth to your fresh and floral scents.

3. Follow the right perfume application techniques.

During the cold season, you need to switch up your perfume application technique to make your fragrance stand out and last longer.

Instead of spritzing your perfume in the air and walking through it, spray it onto your fingertips and gently dab it on your skin. This technique ensures the fragrance sticks to your skin and gradually releases its scent as your body temperature rises.

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Don’t forget to apply your perfume on your wrists, neck, behind your ears, at the base of your throat, and the other pulse points. These areas emanate heat, which helps release the fragrance.

However, avoid rubbing perfume on your wrist and other pulse points since this won’t prolong your scent.

4. Apply perfume on your clothes. 

If you want your scent to be more noticeable and last longer, spray some perfume on your clothes. This trick ensures your fragrance lingers even if it fades.

However, some fragrances can stain certain fabrics. To avoid this, spritz a bit of perfume on a part of your top that isn’t easily noticeable to check if it causes discoloration.

Another option is to spray perfume on an undershirt you can wear underneath your top or dress.

Also, spray perfume on your scarf and coat lapels to have a scent that lingers.

5. Store your perfume correctly.

Proper perfume storage can help you maintain the quality of your fragrances. When stored properly, you can have long-lasting, noticeable scents during the hot and cold seasons.

Direct sunlight and extreme heat can alter the top notes of a perfume. As a result, their scent can become sour or undetectable and they may even develop a musty smell.

When this happens, you’ll have a perfume with an unfamiliar and unpleasant scent that you won’t want to wear.

If you want to keep your perfume’s original scent and quality, store it in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. A drawer or cabinet is the perfect storage place for your collection.

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Also, always keep your perfume bottles covered tightly to maintain their quality and fragrance.

With these tips, you can wear signature scents that stand out and last long wherever you go, even to important cool season events.

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