House Cleaners: Tricks to Having a Great Time with Them


House Cleaners: Tricks to Having a Great Time with Them

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House Cleaners: Tricks to Having a Great Time with Them

If you don’t like cleaning your house, nobody can blame you: Scrubbing toilets is not fun. Or cleaning down grime-streaked windows until your elbows ache for weeks. 

If you are in such a situation, you should hire a house cleaning company to save you from yourself. With a cleaning service provider, you can delegate your least favorite duties and avoid cleaning.

Just because you are hiring the service provider, it doesn’t mean you should make their work difficult. Au contraire. You should infact, strive to make their job as easy as possible. How do you go about it and have a great time with them? Here is what you should do: 

Do some pre-cleaning

You are hiring the cleaning company to do some cleaning and you don’t like cleaning in the first place so you might be wondering why you need to do any cleaning, right? Well, it’s good to do some pre-cleaning. 

By doing this, you save face in front of the cleaners. You can imagine when the cleaners arrive at your house and find toys, books, and other junk everywhere. You appear disorganized, right?

To avoid this, you should do some pre-cleaning. 

Pre-cleaning your home also saves you money as the cleaners spend less time putting things away, which means they spend less time on your property. 

You don’t want your housekeeper to have to figure out how to organize your crowded surfaces. 

You should pick up any toys, unwanted mail, loose cash, or other items that have found their way onto your counters. 

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Remember that the less clutter you have, the easier it will be for your house cleaning to concentrate on more vital jobs like wiping down your baseboards and dusting your vintage figurines.

Unless otherwise specified, most house cleaners do not wash dishes or clean up food spills. 

To make it easy for the service provider to clean your sink and surrounding surroundings, wash and put away your dirty dishes. 

You don’t need to do vacuuming and scouring surfaces before the arrival of a cleaning service. Simply get rid of the clutter, and you are good to go.

You should focus on removing clutter from high-traffic spaces prior to your cleaning appointment, but you should not feel like you need to do any actual cleaning. Do the basics and leave the hard work to the cleaning team.

Work with an insured service provider.

During the cleaning, housecleaners can’t avoid handling your most important possessions. This can be your grandma’s heirloom teapot that needs dusting as well. Unfortunately, accidents do occur.

Choosing an insured cleaning service such as Mystical Maids LV is the greatest way to secure the safety of your items. Such a company will have plans in place to promptly correct the situation.

For example, if the company breaks something, the insurance company will give you a refund.

As much as you should hire an insured company, it is your job to ensure that everything is in order and ready for your housecleaner’s arrival. This means removing any irreplaceable valuables that can break.

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Know the limits

Yes, housecleaners will remove the disgusting deposit on the bottom of your toilet seat. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean they will do everything for you. They do have a limit. For example, they will not pick up your dog’s poop.

House cleaners will also most likely decline the work if you have a pest problem. Whether it’s fleas, cockroaches, or other little animals, most companies will only clean these homes after they are fully exterminated and have had their infestation handled by a professional.

You should hire a vermin removal firm that will clear up that portion of the filth so that the house cleaners may return to finish the rest of the cleaning.

House cleaners will not want to clean up any mess left by bugs, rodents, or other infestations, so take care of that mess before your scheduled house cleaning.

The companies also won’t clean high areas. Most will go as far as a two-step stool. The reason for this is that the insurance company doesn’t cover any accidents beyond this height.

The cleaners are also not trained to deal with larger ladders or areas that restrict their movement. This means that you shouldn’t expect the cleaners to clean chandeliers, the tops of windows and cabinets, and ledges, as they are all likely to be out of reach.

To stay on the safe side and avoid confusion, understand the limits of the cleaning service and what the service provider can and can’t do.

Offer cleaning guidance

Unless you request a thorough cleaning every week, your cleaners require guidance. Is your bathroom looking a touch shabby? Ask the cleaning company to spend more time in the shower. 

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Most cleaners report that when clients don’t leave full instructions, there’s a chance they’ll be disappointed.

If you’re new to the world of professional housecleaning, you might be unsure of what your home needs the most. Thankfully, most maid services will gladly come by for a consultation to determine how dirty your house is and give their input on the areas you should pay more attention to.

Plan for your pets.

There is a reason you have pets in your home. You love them, and there is nothing wrong with it. But is it wise to leave your dog at home alone while all the floors are being vacuumed?

Not all dogs need to be boarded during housecleaning, but if you know your pet is afraid of people or loud noises, keep it in the backyard or a comfortable box.

Aggressive pets may also mean that your home will not be cleaned. You should note that housecleaners are not expected to risk their safety in order to clean your home, and if they encounter an irate animal, they may be forced to leave. And you don’t want this, do you?

You should always plan for ways your pets will be out of the way so that the house cleaners can do the cleaning without much bother.  

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