The Top 10 Highlights of the Gem Space Superapp in 2023


The Top 10 Highlights of the Gem Space Superapp in 2023

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The Top 10 Highlights of the Gem Space Superapp in 2023

As the year comes to a close, it’s a time for reflection and planning for the next. This is particularly gratifying when looking back over the year’s accomplishments. The developers of the Gem Space superapp have introduced a multitude of new services and features to their users. Choosing just 10 of the most significant events and updates was challenging, as there were many more!


In 2023, the Gem4me platform underwent a rebranding and evolved into the Gem Space superapp. This year has been recognized by IT analysts as the year of the superapp – a trend that has become defining in the development of communication applications. The distinguishing feature of superapps, as opposed to other applications like messengers, is their wide array of services. For Gem Space, this was more than just a name change. The developers have been enriching the app with more functions each year since its inception, and it has now become a full-fledged superapp, with the rebranding reflecting this in its name.

Calls to Non-Registered Users

This year marked a significant shift in how calls are organized in Gem Space. An update to this service enabled calls not only to friends and acquaintances registered in the app but also to any contact. To initiate such an online conversation, you simply send a non-registered user an invitation link, and they can join the call immediately. If they can’t respond right away, they have the option to call back the initiator.

Unlimited Video Conferences

The ability to call non-registered users extends to both individual and group calls. In these video conferences, both registered and non-registered users can participate. Connecting is simple – non-registered users receive a call link, while registered ones can be invited through the contact list. This feature makes the service in Gem Space accessible to all users, offering greater freedom in organizing personal and business online meetings. There are no time limits, and the number of participants can reach up to 1,000 people simultaneously. During group calls, users can now “raise their hand” to speak, which is useful for moderated conferences and helps maintain organizational order.

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Gem Space Communities

“Communities” is a new section in the Gem Space superapp, introduced this year. Users can create their thematic spaces. For example, a student can create an educational community, invite other participants, add chats with classmates, start a blog about university events, etc. Similarly, employees of remote companies can conveniently create a workspace in the relevant community. The possibilities depend only on the users’ imagination and needs. A recent addition to communities is the functionality to structure collected information into collections, making it easier to store and find necessary information.

The New ‘Hub’ Section

Another new section of the superapp is the Hub. This multiservice feature includes a store, classified ads, and even games. Introduced recently, its content is still being expanded. Games are already available to all users, offering a variety of puzzles and more for relaxation and entertainment.

Chatbots and Neural Networks

Several chatbots have been integrated into Gem Space, with the recent addition of GemAIBot. Users can write requests to the ChatGPT neural network and create images using artificial intelligence. Responses are immediate, and there’s no need for separate registration on the neural network’s site.

New Structure and Navigation

Not only the name of Gem Space changed this year but also its internal structure. In addition to the new major sections “Communities” and “Hub,” changes were made to the “Talks” and blog platform structures. A new “Communication” section was added, including lists of all user chats and subscribed channels. They can be viewed separately or together in the “All” subsection of the “Communication” section.

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News Feed in Communities

In addition to the app’s general news feed, which displays new posts on subscribed channels and tailored recommendations, a separate news feed was introduced in communities. This allows users to view updates on selected topics only, avoiding distraction from other content and saving time.

Pinned Messages

Another useful update is the ability to pin several messages in chats and channels. This small detail significantly aids in organizing communication spaces, as important information can be quickly accessed without searching through entire chat histories.

Free and Unlimited Services

Finally, it’s worth noting that all services in the Gem Space superapp remain completely free and unlimited for users. While this isn’t new, it’s significant given the growing demand for communication services and the trend of other apps moving towards paid features. Maintaining equal and free access for all users is an important achievement of the year. And for the next year, the plan is to develop new services and offerings, as this is how a true superapp evolves.

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