How to obtain a student residence permit in Poland?


How to obtain a student residence permit in Poland?

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How to obtain a student residence permit in Poland?

In contemplating an educational journey within the borders of Poland, individuals of non-native origins are urged to formalize their residency status in the country. The acquisition of a scholastic dwelling entitlement in Poland stands as an essential prerequisite for any international scholar harboring aspirations of prolonged sojourn for the pursuit of higher education at esteemed academic institutions on our soil. This legal authorization extends its tenure congruent with the duration of one’s scholarly pursuits in Poland, affording the recipient the privilege of habitation, scholarly engagement, and occupational pursuits within the national boundaries. For novice scholars commencing their inaugural academic year, the authorization spans 15 months. In contrast, their scholarly counterparts continuing their academic trajectory qualify for an extension lasting up to three annual cycles. 

Conditions for Obtaining Temporary Residency Authorization

 To acquire a student residency permit in Poland, it is essential to fulfill the stipulated criteria:

·         Make sure your passport is current, and obtain the necessary student visa for Poland.

·         Acquire an insurance policy that provides coverage for healthcare expenses in Poland.

·                Pay the application fee for the permit.

 What are the necessary documents for obtaining a student residence permit in Poland? 

For the acquisition of a student residence permit in Poland, the following documentation is necessary: 

·     Make sure to fill out all sections of the application form and sign it before you submit.

·     A duplicate of your identification document.

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·         A copy of your student visa.

·         A copy of the insurance policy.

·         Proof of payment of the permit fee.

 Procedure for obtaining a student residence permit in Poland.

To obtain a student residence permit in Poland, an application must be submitted to the local Office for Foreigners. The application can be submitted in person or through a representative.  The representative can be a private person who knows Polish, because it is necessary to understand the nuances of the documents. It is also possible to contact a company that provides services for obtaining permits to stay or work in Poland

Seeking help with the application for a student residence permit in Poland during the process of obtaining the permit.

The process of legalizing a foreigner’s stay in our country involves several steps, and it’s recommended to initiate the legalization procedure even before embarking on studies. Students might require support in obtaining a student residence permit in Poland. If that’s the case, reaching out to experts with the necessary knowledge and experience is advisable. One reputable company in this field is MAGFIN. Opting for the services of companies specializing in residency legalization in Poland allows individuals to save time, enabling them to focus on pursuing their plans.

The most common mistakes when applying for a student residence permit in Poland

The following guidelines should be observed when applying for a student residence permit in Poland:

·         Documents must be translated into Polish.

·         Documents must be certified as required by Polish legislation.

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·         Documents must be submitted in full.


Getting a student residence permit in Poland marks a crucial milestone for international students aspiring to pursue their studies in the country. Polish universities are gaining increasing popularity each year. Securing the permit becomes a straightforward process once all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. Upon obtaining this permit, foreign students gain the privilege to work in Poland without the need for an additional work permit. When a temporary residence permit is granted, students are issued a residence card, noting their “access to the labor market.”

Additional tips for students

Here are some additional tips:

·         Start the permit process as early as possible to avoid delays.

·         Make sure you have all the required documents.

·         Maintain timely payment of the permit application fee.

·         Be prepared that you may need assistance in the permit process.

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