Medium Length Haircuts For Women


Medium Length Haircuts For Women

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Medium Length Haircuts For Women

Medium length hair that falls anywhere from the shoulders to the collarbone offers the perfect in-between stage, with enough length for versatility while avoiding high-maintenance long locks. The most popular and flattering medium length haircuts allow for easy styling diversity, from waves to curls to sleek and straight.

If you already have medium length hair or have decided to make the cut, explore the gorgeous selection of trending mid-length cuts and styles ahead. Whether you want to add bangs, layers, texture, or color, salon stylists and top designers have crafted stunning looks to try. Here are some trending medium length haircuts for women.

Medium layered hairstyles make hair appear fuller while removing weight. Ask your stylist for long layers that start from mid-length down to ends. Focus layers around the face to soften lines.

The modern shag is a medium length cut with a short layered fringe around the front. Stacked layers in the back are slightly shorter. This hairstyle works beautifully with natural waves.

The medium length lob or long bob grazes the collarbones. The ends are textured beautifully when styled, sleek, and straight. For soft volume, add waves with a curling iron.

Ask your stylist for an A-line bob with a slightly angled hemline that dips lower in the back and front. This universally flattering cut looks great on thick and thin hair.

Use a one-inch curling wand to wrap medium length haircuts section by section. Creating loose spirals adds a big body and bounce for special occasions or date nights.

Softer eye-grazing bangs work wonderfully with medium length hair. The thin fringe hides foreheads without overpowering petite facial features. Ask for see-through bangs.

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Long bobs with blunt finishes that end around the shoulder blade area make medium length cuts edgy. Stack some short layers on top to inject texture.

Unstructured beach waves complement medium length locks whether styled by braiding damp hair or using heat tools. Focus most waves mid-length through ends.

Long bobs work flawlessly with center parts. Shoulder-length cuts with stacked short layers attract attention to gorgeous eyes and cheekbones when parted deeply on the side.

Get a retro look with bouncy waves on a chin-length bob cut. After using hot rollers or a curling wand, arrange sculpted curls to fall uniformly on both sides.

Blunt chin-length cuts ending above the collarbone area make fine or medium-textured hair appear thicker. Infuse ends with a balayage color for an eye-catching two-tone effect.

Defy gravity and enhance natural curls on medium length haircuts with the right products. Work anti-frizz curl cream through towel-dried hair before heat-styling rich corkscrew coils.

Add flair to a collarbone long bob by styling the ends loosely swept over one shoulder. Define separation with sea salt spray for sexy, just-out-of-bed texture and volume.

A chin-length bob that hits right at the shoulders features slightly shorter layers up top that graduate longer toward mid-lengths for built-in movement and flow.

Not too short and not too long, textured pixie cuts make up most of the medium tresses. Embrace natural cowlicks and waves for tapered side-swept height and volume.

For versatile styling, a classic medium-length lob means long layers cut to hit the collarbone. Wear hair down straight, sleek, curled, glamorous, half up, or pinned back as desired.

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Lightly point cutting into ends removes unwanted bulk as hair grows out while creating edgy layers. This works wonders to revive shoulder-length cuts between primary trims.

Make medium and short pixie cuts edgier with an undercut section shaved close to the nape for bold definition. Concentrate most of the volume through the top and sides.

Incorporate interest into basic medium-length cuts by sectioning off the front and sides to intricately braid the back. This keeps locks out of the face in a chic updo.

Curtain bangs are cut straight across with slightly rounded corners for a beautiful face-framing fringe.

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