Longest Snapchat Streak – A Brief Guide To The Hottest Trend


Longest Snapchat Streak – A Brief Guide To The Hottest Trend

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Longest Snapchat Streak – A Brief Guide To The Hottest Trend

Snapchat is an extremely popular application, especially among millennials. However, if you are new to the application terms like “Snapchat score” and “Snapchat streak” or “streaks Snapchat” might sound unfamiliar to you. In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about the application, as well as ways you can improve your presence there.

What is Snapchat and how long has Snapchat been around?

Snapchat is an application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, and developed by Snap Inc. It was first released in 2011. At the time of its release, it was a game-changer for social media applications as it offered something entirely different.

The unique element that Snapchat brought was the reminder of the ephemeral nature of memories. The photos or videos uploaded were meant to be temporary, lasting for just a few seconds. Users welcomed this feature and it quickly became one of the most-used apps.

Users and overworked social media moderation workers welcomed this feature and it quickly became one of the most-used apps.

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When a user uploads a photo or video on their profile, this is only available for a brief period of time – only ten seconds. Of course, later on, Snapchat added the Stories feature, where the photo or video is accessible for the following 24 hours. Users can interact with each other with stickers and various filters.

Today, Snapchat continues to remain as popular as ever. More specifically, Snapchat has more than 186 million daily active users. Users tend to spend about 30 minutes in total in the app and more than 3 billion snaps are created each day.

What is a Snapchat Streak?

A Snapchat streak, or Snap streak, is when you snap back and forth in 24 hours with another Snapchat user for at least three days in a row. After this happens, a fire emoji will appear beside this particular user’s name, as well as a number that represents the number of days that you have consecutively snapped each other.

In Simpler terms, what are streaks on Snapchat? They’re just a way to keep track of how many consecutive days you’ve sent snaps to a particular friend.

From the introduction of this feature, users loved it and they are now competing for the longest streak.

What does streaks mean on Snapchat?

Well, they can mean different things to different people. Some users see them as a fun challenge or competition, trying to maintain the longest snap streaks with as many friends as possible. Others simply use them as a way to stay connected with their closest friends on the platform.

Overall, while Snapchat streaks aren’t a crucial part of the app, they can be a fun way to engage with other users and feel like you’re part of a community.

How to Begin a Snapchat Streak

This is the easiest part of the Snap Streak. All you need to do is send a snap to all the people who might be interested and wait for them to answer your snap within 24 hours. However, make sure that you approach the right people – the ones that are willing to send you a snap every single day. These people might be the ones that you usually interact with.

With the right people, you are one step closer to getting the longest streak! The below video explains how to get a Snapchat streak:

Rules of Snapchat Streak

Beginning a Snapchat streak is easy, however maintaining it might be a little challenging, as not every interaction counts. So, here is a list of all the interactions that will not count for your snap streaks and might ruin it for you:

  • Chat: Your text conversations with your friends will not count for your streak. So, even if you interact this way, keep in mind to also snap at him/her.
  • Group Chat: It would be so easy to snap a great number of your friends, in order to keep your streak count with all of them. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t allow it.
  • Stories: Like chatting, stories will not count for your streak, as they should be sent to only one particular user.
  • Memories: When you want to relive certain moments, you can share them once more like memories. However, remember that these don’t count for your streak.
  • Spectacles: Snaps shared on Spectacles do not count for your streak.

Snapchat Streak Emojis

When you start a streak with someone, you’ll soon notice a fire emoji next to his/her username. However, this is not the only emoji connecter to Snap streaks. The emojis that might appear next to the username of the person you have a snapping streak with are:

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  • Fire emoji: This emoji indicates that you’re on a Snapchat streak with this person.
  • Hourglass emoji: when you see this emoji be extra careful, as it means that your streak expires soon.
  • 100 emoji: This emoji indicates that you and your Snapchat partner are on a roll, sending snaps for 100 or more consecutive days.
  • Mountain emoji: this is a truly rare emoji to appear and it’s used to indicate really long Snapchat streaks.

What is the world’s Longest Snapchat Streak?

The longest Snapchat streak ever recorded belongs to Lauren Luckey and Hannah Garrett, who have a staggering 3202 snaps as of February 2024! They started their streak on April 6, 2015, the very day the streak feature was first introduced, and have kept it going for over 8 years!

Lauren Luckey and Hannah Garrett, 3202 (February, 12th 2024)

Longest Snapchat Streaks February 2024

With so many daily active users and so many snaps sent every single day, keeping track of the highest score for the streak becomes a troublesome business. This would be easily solved by an official scoreboard within the app, but until then users all over the world keep their own track.

Until this very moment, the longest Snapchat streak belongs to these people according to the internet as well as the screenshots we have received from the people.

Here are some of the longest Snapchat streak ever recorded:

Ross Haverdink and Todd Scholten, 3004 (February, 17th 2024)
Lauren Luckey and Hannah Garrett, 3202 (February, 12th 2024)
Shelly Fitzgerald and Mallory Shipley, 3132 (February, 9th 2024)
Makenna Spence and Morganne Gigray, 2594 (February, 7th 2024)
Charles Bock and Anthony Morelli, 2973 (February, 6th 2024)
Hailee & Brandon, 2982 (February, 2nd 2024)
Zak & Tariq, 2749 (February, 2nd 2024)
Sonca Nguyen and Megan Dirksen, 2271 (February, 1st 2024)
Anyesha & Lucy, 2998 (February, 1st 2024)
Cassie & Jessica, 2928 (January, 30th 2024)
Macall & Tanner, 2562 (January, 30th 2024)
Laura & Barbara, 2959 (January, 24th 2024)
Gina & Amy, 2959 (January, 24th 2024)
Justin & Allison Skube, 2400 (January, 22nd 2024)
Arlan & Stephen, 3052 (January, 15th 2024)
Matt & Kristen, 3000 (January, 14th 2024)
Tasia & Shakyra, 2312 (January, 12th 2024)
Emily & Heather, 3079 (January, 10th 2024)
Gino Merolillo and Jim Anderson, 2930 (January, 7th 2024)
Trishy & Frankie, 2429 (January, 7th 2024)
David Rez and Eric Candanosa, 2275 (January, 5th 2024)
Elijah & Amee, 3002 (January, 4th 2024)
Amber & Kaci, 2978 (January, 3rd 2024)
Michon & Brad, 2999 (January, 2nd 2024)
Janet Mitchell and Bobbie Martz, 2271 (December, 30th 2023)
Sydney Pegram and Jake Weronski, 3000 (December, 28th 2023)
Maureen Fonda and Meghan Fonda, 3007 (December, 28th 2023)
Dawid C and Nikola S, 2607 (December, 28th 2023)
John Lackey and Harley Durham, 3100 (December, 22nd 2023)
Victor & Anna, 2598 (December, 21th 2023)
Nate Johnston and Josh Griesemer, 2791 (December, 18th 2023)
Isabella Watson and Tanner Mays, 2843 (December, 18th 2023)
Lilli & Georgina, 2950 (December, 17th 2023)
Balazs Horvath and Roland Nemes, 2000 (December, 14th 2023)
Jeff & Melody, 3109 (December, 13th 2023)
Amy & Sarah, 2431 (December, 8th 2023)
Paul Lane & Will, 2414 (December, 8th 2023)
Mack & Mac, 2921 (December, 8th 2023)
Rudi H. and Ferhat S., 1557 (December, 3rd 2023)
Kasey Morris and Neena Erwin, 2475 (December, 3rd 2023)
Bethany & Penelope, 2837 (November, 30th 2023)
Lenneke & Romy, 2670 (November, 24th 2023)
Lindsay & Trisha, 3088 (November, 24th 2023)
Charles Dahine and Jean, 2837 (November, 24th 2023)
Hunter & Brendan, 2661 (November, 22th 2023)
Kevin Shufford and Steven Shufford, 2400 (November, 22th 2023)
Simone & Line, 3000 (November, 21th 2023)
Braden Chaffey & Nick, 2995 (November, 20th 2023)
Kirsten & Abby, 2959 (November, 20th 2023)
Zack & Jen Nicholson, 2051 (November, 20th 2023)
Zu Qian Rong and Heydi Rong, 1708 (November, 20th 2023)
Chad & Kendra Harvey, 2031 (November, 16th 2023)
Angie Daher & Jukie, 2201 (November, 14th 2023)
Aidan & Emma, 2211 (November, 13th 2023)
Amanda Scarlata & Brianna, 3000 (November, 13th 2023)
Lener & Brenda, 3085 (November, 12th 2023)
Christine & Marsha, 2934 (November, 11th 2023)
Anthony & Trisha, 2566 (November, 9th 2023)
Christian & Ditte, 2720 (November, 6th 2023)
Daniel Boyce and Jay Casper, 2122 (November, 5th 2023)
Sam A and Mark P, 2811 (November, 3rd 2023)
Brittany Cooper and Collin Sullivan, 2461 (November, 2nd 2023)
Kristina & Julia, 2834 (November, 1st 2023)
Julia Eikeland and Stine Bergan, 2446 (November, 1st 2023)
Askay & Sabrina, 2591 (October, 31st 2023)
Corey & Matthew, 2299 (October, 31st 2023)
Claire Winslade and Rachael O’Connor, 2203 (October, 23rd 2023)
Mikala Samways and Bethany Bevis, 2335 (October, 22nd 2023)
Joanna Flores and Lucius Negrillo, 2155 (October, 21st 2023)
Kate & Sarah, 2415 (October, 19th 2023)
Nate Dyer and Taylor Lee, 2568 (October, 17th 2023)
Sam & Danielle, 2684 (October, 17th 2023)
Stacy & Stephanie, 3000 (October, 16th 2023)
Colles Price and Adrija Navarro, 2378 (October, 16th 2023)
Brooke McMullin and Maggie Schindler, 2792 (October, 14th 2023)
Brandon Li and Marie Fagan, 2540 (October, 13th 2023)
Lisa Glogower and Carol Pappas, 3012 (October, 10th 2023)
Abigail & Mike, 2088 (October, 8th 2023)
Abigail & Cale, 2300 (October, 8th 2023)
Harry & Paris, 2295 (October, 7th 2023)
Ashley Anderson and Daniel Miller, 2258 (October, 7th 2023)
Deon & Joshua, 2366 (October, 6th 2023)
Kevin & Deepanshi, 2436 (October, 5th 2023)
Brandon Goddard and Cody Foster, 2000 (October, 5th 2023)
Katie Hollings and Jason Hollings, 2786 (October, 2nd 2023)
Steger Stahl and Mikayla Bystrom, 3000 (October, 2nd 2023)
Timmy & Kaitlyn, 2500 (September, 30th 2023)
Jonathan Alevy and Anthony Dervey, 2604 (September, 29th 2023)
Tyrone & Chynah, 2449 (September, 28th 2023)
Becca & Enis, 1673 (September, 24th 2023)
Luz & Lauren, 3000 (September, 21st 2023)
Giancarlo Giraldo and Aliyah Latif, 2676 (September, 20th 2023)
Brittany & Zac Rosendaul, 2192 (September, 19th 2023)
Fahima & Nayeem, 2342 (September, 16th 2023)
Cherry & Morgan, 2591 (September, 15th 2023)
Challis & Georgie Tacon, 2795 (September, 14th 2023)
Kelly Thibodaux and BradonThibodaux, 1924 (September, 13th 2023)
Jacob & Heath, 2457 (September, 13th 2023)
Julia Frankhouser and Jadyn Simmons, 2354 (September, 12th 2023)
Jess & Esme, 2310 (September, 12th 2023)
Tyler F and Nate Y, 2493 (September, 12th 2023)
Olivia Arabie and Gaby Hidalgo, 2222 (September, 10th 2023)
Hannah and Lauren Luckey, 3046 (September, 8th 2023)

Tayla & Kell, 2763 (September, 8th 2023)
Brooke Daniels and Ryan Daniels, 1888 (September, 8th 2023)
Rory Crabbe and Emily Kablin, 2925 (September, 8th 2023)
Damon Tanner and Chance Benoit, 2440 (September, 7th 2023)
Natasha & Taylor, 2216 (September, 3rd 2023)
Arielle & Baleigh, 2567 (September, 1st 2023)
Tyler Di Fiore and Jamee Pate, 2578 (September, 1st 2023)
Daniel Ö and Robin L, 2919 (September, 1st 2023)
Balazs Horvath and Roland Nemes, 1901 (August, 31th 2023)
Noah Wachtenheim and Eli Wolkenfeld, 2166 (August, 31st 2023)
Shakerra Phillips and Teja Madison, 2258 (August, 31th 2023)
Danielle & Greg, 2220 (August, 30th 2023)
Juan Felipe Sarmiento Ebratt and Felipe Torres Pizarro, 2410 (August, 24th 2023)
Samko & Lucka, 2190 (August, 20th 2023)
Morgan & Genesis, 2303 (August, 18th 2023)
Devriendt Gregory and Devriendt Yvan , 2582 (August, 16th 2023)
Diya Joshi and Jada Ramiro, 2400 (August, 16th 2023)
Christopher H and Spencer Knight, 1849 (July, 11th 2023)
Holly & Abby, 2900 (July, 12th 2023)
Mariyoma & Nadoya, 2555 (July, 19th 2023)
Birgit & Inge Christian, 3000 (July, 18th 2023)
Rebecca & Nainoa, 2781 (July, 19th 2023)
Eric Candanosa and David Reza, 2108 (July, 19th 2023)
Ashley & Robin, 2805 (July, 21st 2023)
Tori & Maggie Soeder, 2429 (July, 21st 2023)
Sandra & Emmelin, 2571 (July, 26th 2023)
Brett & Jackie, 2175 (July, 28th 2023)
Kristen & John, 2902 (July, 31st 2023)
Kaylie & Gigi, 1499 (August, 4th 2023)
Vishal Solanki and Amit Patidar, 1840 (August, 5th 2023)
Anastasiya Sotova & Jourdon, 2288 (August, 6th 2023)
Julia S and Kelly S, 2900 (August, 8th 2023)
Meghan Fonda and Maureen Fonda, 2850 (August, 10th 2023)
Ciara McCormick and Kayla K, 2452 (August, 10th 2023)
Hamza & Daoud, 2112 (August, 11th 2023)
Faye Martin and Heidi Martin, 1949 (August, 12th 2023)
Logan & Seth, 2190 (June, 6th 2023)
Ally & Titiyanna, 1907 (June, 7th 2023)
Sean G and Andrew Y, 2015 (June, 7th 2023)
Kiernan & Sasha, 2535 (June, 8th 2023)
Alexis Bonner and Brian Michael, 2140 (June, 12th 2023)
Dawn & Rebecca, 2400 (June, 12th 2023)
Kaitlyn B. and Kaylynn G, 2684 (June, 14th 2023)
Justin & Kirk, 2800 (June, 15th 2023)
Jennifer Kebabdjian and Tiana Edomwonyi, 2285 (June, 16th 2023)
Kelsey & Zach Pesta, 2317 (June, 19th 2023)
Tanishq Meghani and Saaransh Yadav, 1033 (June, 20th 2023)
Sarah & Chloe, 2331 (June, 22nd 2023)
Usama Malik and Hasham Butt, 1500 (July, 5th 2023)
Madison & Adriana, 2798 (July, 8th 2023)
Zach Beldon and Reid Dedear, 2064 (July, 10th 2023)
Christopher H and Spencer Knight, 1849 (July, 11th 2023)
Brennen Ramo and Alyssa Harrell, 2000 (June, 4th 2023)
Rachel & Beth, 2555 (June, 4th 2023)
Sarene & Marin, 2662 (June, 1st 2023)
Kyra & Lanie, 2520 (June, 1st 2023)
Ahh Ales & Colin, 2327 (May, 28th 2023)
Eric & Mark, 2654 (May, 28th 2023)
Michael Garcia and Brian Garcia, 2216 (May, 27th 2023)
Ali Ashar & Anoosheh, 1700 (May, 27th 2023)
Rachel & Francesca, 2968 (May, 25th 2023)
Jake & Colin, 2191 (May, 24th 2023)
Will & Kristina, 2920 (May, 23rd 2023)
Carolyn & Joseph, 1903 (May, 20th 2023)
Roshan & Sakshi, 2064 (May, 19th 2023)
Jarrett & Hayley Hammer, 2496 (May, 18th 2023)
Jarrett & Kjerstin, 2658 (May, 18th 2023)
Carlos & Sari, 1971 (May, 16th 2023)
Brandon Li and Marie Fagan, 2393 (May, 13th 2023)
James & Stefanie, 1695 (May, 13th 2023)
Jen & Twila, 1521 (May, 12th 2023)
Mia & Brian, 2004 (May, 10th 2023)
Sierra & Makena, 2231 (May, 9th 2023)
Ruki & Hannah, 2641 (May, 9th 2023)
Junaid & Sonia, 2626 (May, 7th 2023)
Jonathan & Alan, 2136 (May, 6th 2023)
Crystal Brown and Nicole Klassy, 2555 (May, 5th 2023)
Haley S and Autumn B, 2465 (May, 1st 2023)
Fasih H and Murtaza H, 1831 (April, 29th 2023)
John Ethen & Amie, 2130 (April, 24th 2023)
Rebecca Casson and Kirstin Dean, 2155 (April, 21st 2023)
Gus & Paige, 2700 (April, 12th 2023)
Brad & Dean, 2333 (April, 6th 2023)
Ashley Workes and Jessica Caputo, 2255 (April, 5th 2023)
Julie & Lars, 2675 (April, 4th 20223)
Mark E and Sean C, 2107 (March, 31st 2023)
Ty Peterson and Court Ryan, 1642 (March, 29th 2023)
Kristina & Noel, 2347 (March, 29th 2023)
Carlyn McGrath and Jakob Wikar, 2873 (March, 26th 2023)
Corbin & Emily, 2309 (March, 26th 2023)
Daniel Boyce and Jay Casper, 1895 (March, 24th 2023)
Sam & Katie, 2496 (March, 20th 2023)
Mryne & Wendy, 1996 (March, 17th 2023)
Erikson Cela and Denis Lika, 2421 (March, 13th 2023)
Brad & Michon, 2704 (March, 13th 2023)
Ruben & Mark, 2116 (March, 10th 2023)
Llyza & Daniel, 2663 (March, 9th 2023)
Jamie Griffiths and Gareth Owen, 2528 (March, 7th 2023)
Sushan Poojary and Ganesh Rane, 1456 (March, 7th 2023)
Sam A and Mark P, 2566 (March, 6th 2023)
Rachel Mankelow and Rachael Dunlop, 2624 (March, 6th 2023)
Jule & Sandrino, 1944 (March, 3rd 2023)
Liz Anita & Malene, 2789 (March, 3rd 2023)
Jolie & Jennifer, 2402 (February, 26th 2023)
Susie & Alexa, 2779 (February, 23rd 2023)
Carmen & Anthony, 1451 (February, 23rd 2023)
Rob & Ashley, 2100 (February, 22nd 2023)
Anthony & Victoria, 1058 (February, 22nd 2023)
Elise & Victoria, 1216 (February, 22nd 2023)
Joe & Karly, 2400 (February, 22nd 2023)
Breanna & Krystin, 2607 (February, 21st 2023)
Ishmam & Alice, 1510 (February, 20th 2023)
Syed Ali Ashar & Anoosheh, 1600 (February, 20th 2023)
Farhan Shykh and Billal Hassan, 1853 (February, 20th 2023)
Lana Valente and Red Wallace, 2729 (February, 16th 2023)
Trish & Nessi, 2482 (February, 15th 2023)
Hurairah & Musa, 1861 (February, 12th 2023)
Matt S and Dakota D, 1953 (February, 11th 2023)
Chris E and Dennis H, 2181 (February, 8th 2023)
Grace & Elly, 2839 (February, 7th 2023)
Amber & Kyle Piazza, 2330 (February, 5th 2023)
Justin & Dan, 2191 (February, 4th 2023)
Matthias & Alessandro, 2308 (February, 4th 2023)
Clint Bernu and Jon Fleming, 2685 (February, 4th 2023)
Laura Alberca and Clementine Paul, 2542 (February, 2nd 2023)
Lauren Ferguson and Torey Lassiter, 2536 (February, 1st 2023)
Michelle & Jen, 2226 (February, 1st 2023)
Kylee & Mattea, 2516 (January, 31st 2023)
Katie Quan and Melissa Lam, 1784 (January, 30th 2023)
Tiana Lui and Melissa Lam, 2648 (January, 30th 2023)
Mikala Samways and Betbany Bevis, 2077 (January, 29th 2023)
Cara & Char, 2050 (January, 28th 2023)
Jodie & Izzi, 2707 (January, 28th 2023)
Jodie & Oli, 2726 (January, 28th 2023)
Lea & Katie, 2115 (January, 26th 2023)
Stefan & Kieran, 1909 (January, 26th 2023)
Augustus Cortezi and Pete Heubeck, 2408 (January, 25th 2023)
Dakota Ison and Amy Pennington, 1761 (January, 25th 2023)
Taylor & Chrysta, 2400 (January, 23rd 2023)
Madeline Cummings and Anderson Holmes, 2601 (January, 22nd 2023)
Alex & Jasmine, 1212 (January, 22nd 2023)
Gavin & Gina, 2089 (January, 21st 2023)
Laura W and Kylie S, 2405 (January, 21st 2023)
Danny & Steph, 2701 (January, 20th 2023)
Hadi & Pedram, 2711 (January, 20th 2023)
Alexis & Cheyann, 2497 (January, 20th 2023)
Corrales & Cumpian, 2058 (January, 18th 2023)
Harrison & Lindsay, 2033 (January, 18th 2023)
Ryan Abenth and Mason Schwellenbach, 2206 (January, 18th 2023)
Anton & Johanna, 2825 (January, 17th 2023)

Maria Emma and Benjamin Philip, 1713 (January, 17th 2023)
Anton & Viktor, 2750 (January, 17th 2023)
Leslie & Daniel, 2594 (January, 17th 2023)
Jill & Janae, 2200 (January, 16th 2023)
Fabu & Yannick, 2719 (January, 16th 2023)
Kaitlyn Teeters and Eddie Alvarez, 2577 (January, 15th 2023)
Matt Licata and Eric Silvers, 2001 (January, 15th 2023)
Mike & Chayse, 2330 (January, 15th 2023)
David & Petra, 1454 (January, 14th 2023)
Kim & Phoenix, 1610 (January, 13th 2023)
Sarah & Emily, 2523 (January, 13th 2023)
Jaime & Abe Tsimiklis, 1911 (January, 11th 2023)
Gillian & Olivia, 2601 (January, 10th 2023)
Leana Yako & Jared, 1017 (January, 10th 2023)
CD & Kendall, 2267 (January, 10th 2023)
Kimy T & Nick C, 2222 (January, 9th 2023)
Shawn & Chad, 2201 (January, 9th 2023)
Jestina & Ryan, 2317 (January, 9th 2023)
Mat & Gareth, 2512 (January, 8th 2023)
Sille Frederiksen and Isabell Ohle, 2191 (January, 8th 2023)
Haley S and Autumn B, 2352 (January, 7th 2023)
Sterling Clements and Freyana Campbell, 1644 (January, 6th 2023)
Sai Kotla and Lillie Richards, 1612 (January, 6th 2023)
Shandra Jones and Jayme Paddock, 2018 (January, 6th 2023)
Lindsay & Steph, 2503 (January, 6th 2023)
Tony Hommes and Lisa Lugosi, 2555 (January, 3rd 2023)
Dylan & Trevor, 2570 (January, 3rd 2023)
Randall & Becky, 1289 (January, 1st 2023)
Randall & RJ, 2212 (January, 1st 2023)

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However, with each passing day, it is very possible that the longest Snapchat streak will go to someone else.

If you want to add your longest Snapchat streak to this list then, please send us a screenshot of your streak with your and your partner’s name to our email id:

We update the list at the end of the month. 

Note: This article was originally published last year but due to some technical difficulties, we had to post this article again in 2024, therefore all of the old Snapchat Streaks are from that time period when it was originally published. We are continuing to update this article each month with fresh steaks.

How to get the Snapchat streak Back If I lose my Snap streak?

Maintaining the longest Snapchat streak is hard work, especially when the streak is going on for some time. However, it is frustrating when you lose it for no reason. If you ever notice that your streak number is gone or experience a snap streak lost, relax, take a big breath, and visit Snapchat Support.

From all the options given there, choose “My Snapstreak Disappeared” and fill out the form. They will ask you to note your username, email address, mobile number, your friend’s username, and the last counted number of lost snap Streak. After you file your complaint, Snapchat will review your streak and will get back to you. After filing your complaint, Snapchat will review your streak and contact you regarding Snapchat streak recovery.

So, to summarize, if you’re wondering how to get your Snap streak back after experiencing a Snap streak loss, reach out to Snapchat Support and file a complaint. They will review your streak and help you with snap streak recovery.

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Check out the above steps in the video here to know how to get back your lost Snap streaks

What is the Snapchat Score?

The Snapchat Score-calculating system is quite elusive. It basically indicates your in-app activity, however, no one really knows what the algorithm is looking for in order to determine the number that you see. The Snapchat score doesn’t have any particular use, however, who doesn’t like seeing themselves scoring higher than their friends?

Factors that Influence the Snapchat Score

The Snapchat algorithm takes into consideration various data, in order to determine each individual score. All the data considered have to do with the amount of interaction that each user has within the application interface. So, the factors that influence Snapchat’s score are the following:

  • Snaps sent and received
  • The number of stories sent
  • The number of users added
  • Days of Snapchat streak with another user

Moreover, in special cases, bonus points are awarded. For example, if you haven’t used the app for a while, Snapchat will award you extra points when you use the app once again.

How to Improve Your Snapchat Score

From the factors mentioned above, it is easy to see that the only way to improve your Snapchat score is to use the application. If you are dedicated and make sure to post snaps and stories every day, you’ll quickly see your score increase.

As with the Snapchat streak, chat messages that you send with your friends don’t count for the improvement of your Snapchat score. What you have to do is send snaps to your friends.

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Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that these snaps have to be unique for each user. So, group messaging won’t be able to help you once again.

Trophies you can Unlock with your Snapchat Score

In a similar manner to Snapchat streak emojis, you can unlock various trophies when your Snapchat score gets higher.

Namely, the seven trophies you can unlock by increasing your Snapchat score are the following:

  • Baby Emoji – score of 10
  • Glowing Star Emoji – score of 100
  • Sparkles Emoji – score of 1,000
  • Circled Star Emoji – score of 10,000
  • Explosion Emoji – score of 50,000
  • Rocket Emoji – score of 100,000
  • Ghost Emoji – score of 500,000

Find your Snapchat Score

If you want to find out what your Snapchat score is, all you need to do is tap the Bitmoji icon in the top left of your screen. Your profile will pop up and you will see your username and your Snapchat score. It’s as simple as that!

Image Source:

If you want to see further information, such as how many snaps you have sent and how many you have received, you can tap on your score and see two different numbers appear. The one on the left represents the snaps you have sent, while the one on the right represents the snaps you have received.

Image Source:

In case you want to see where your friends stand in their Snapchat scores, you can just as easily find their scores. Open a chat window and press the three lines on top. This will open a new window with various information about your friend. One of those is their Snapchat score. However, you cannot see the snaps sent and received for your friends.

When your Snapchat Score isn’t Updating

If your Snapchat score isn’t getting any higher, even though it should be, don’t panic. There is always a simple solution.

First of all, make sure that you use the latest update of the application. While older versions are usable, there might be some bugs.

If you use the latest update, just wait for a few hours. Your score might not be increased due to a glitch, something that will quickly get fixed.

Lastly, if the problem continues, get in touch with Snapchat support. They will look into your individual case and they will find a solution for you.

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