The Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories & Why You’ll Want Them


The Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories & Why You’ll Want Them

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The Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories & Why You’ll Want Them

Vision Pro launched on February 2nd with a solid count of first-party accessories and in-box items. If you’re shelling out at least $3,500 for the thing, you might as well protect it from scratches and dust, and kit it out with everything under the sun while you’re at it. Here are a few great options:

Updated – March 6th, 2024

Vision Pro Case

Image courtesy Spigen

With a $3,500 price tag, an affordable case feels like a smart investment if you plan to take your Vision Pro anywhere at all.

Spigen is well known for robust and design-oriented protective phone cases and accessories, and now the company has a case created specifically for Vision Pro.

Spigen Klasden Pouch – $80

The Klasden Pouch features a rigid exterior, padded interior, pillowy divider, and built-in organization for cables, battery pack, and a secret AirTag compartment too so you can always tabs on your Vision Pro.

Pro Tip: Vision Pro’s form-factor isn’t terribly unique as far as headsets go, and you very well may be able to get away with a much cheaper case designed for Quest, like this one from Sarlar.

Vision Pro Protector Shell

Image courtesy GOSETH

Vision Pro’s faceplate is made of curved glass panel. And while it’s actually surprisingly durable, an inexpensive shell can protect your headset from scratches and drops.

GOSETH TPU Protective Cover – $18

The GOSETH shell for Vision Pro ias made to clip onto the headset with cut-outs for all of the sensors hiding under the glass. And while you might think it would be fun to have some different color options, maximum transparency is best for the EyeSight display that’s hiding on the front of Vision Pro.

Lens Cleaning Pen

Image courtesy CNBEYOUNG

Apple hasn’t published a guide yet on exactly how to clean your Vision Pro. But like with all XR headsets, you should avoid abrasive cloths (like wiping them off with your shirt or a tissue) and harsh chemicals (like Windex) that may strip away delicate coatings. While the headset’s included polishing cloth is great for its outer glass shell, using it on the concave lenses with your finger can make it hard to get to the very edges of the lens. A lens pen is a cheap and effective way to make sure your lenses are smudge-free.

Nikon 7072 Lens Pen – $9

This bad boy comes with a cleaning tip to remove smudges and a soft brush tip to gently remove dirt and debris from the lenses. And because it’s designed for use on high-end camera lenses, you can rest assured it’ll be kind to your Vision Pro.

Vision Pro Battery Holder

Let’s be honest; pockets work just fine. Unless you’ve got an exclusively pocketless wardrobe and you plan to be regularly moving about the house with your headset, you probably don’t need a battery holder. But if for some reason that sounds like you, a battery holder will come in handy.

Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro – $50

Yes we wish this piece of plastic wasn’t $50, but at least it’s got two different useful functions. First, the case has a clip on the back so you can attach the battery to a belt, and second, it comes with an over-shoulder strap so you can ‘wear’ the battery if your outfit doesn’t have a belt to clip it too.

Prescription Lenses for Vision Pro

Image courtesy Apple

Like many XR headset, glasses just don’t fit very well inside Vision Pro. And for fear of scratching either Vision Pro or your glasses—not to mention potentially reducing the accuracy of eye-tracking—it’s probably not worth trying.

ZEISS Optical Inserts – starting at $100

ZEISS is Apple’s official partner for vision correction on Vision Pro. You can get ‘reader’ corrections for $100, or if you can have them made for your specific prescription for $150. They easily attach and detach from the headset with magnets.

Vision Pro Headstraps

Believe it or not, there still aren’t any third-party headstraps available for Vision Pro, at least not outside DIY stuff. We’ve been patiently waiting for more strap options; as soon as there’s one out there worth recommending, we’ll add it here! In the meantime, absolutely try the Dual Loop headstrap (included in the Vision Pro box) if you haven’t already.

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Compatible Apple Accessories

Don’t forget: as an Apple product, you can expect Vision Pro to play nicely with a number of official Apple accessories and peripherals, which includes:

  • Magic Keyboard ($100): Vision Pro has a number of different ways to input text, but if you actually want to be productive in the headset, you’re going to want a real keyboard.
  • Magic Trackpad ($110): Unfortunately Vision Pro only currently supports Apple’s own Magic Trackpad for mouse input. While it’s possible to get away without it for some productivity workflows, you’re going to want one if you need to do a lot of clicking, like working with spreadsheets, or precision click-and-drag like working in graphic programs.
  • AirPods Pro 2nd-gen ($200): Vision Pro’s built-in spatial audio is actually quite good, and for most people it will do the job. If you’re an audio fiend, you can add the 2nd-gen AirPods Pro to the mix for more punch. While any AirPods will work with the headset, the latest AirPods Pro uniquely offers lossless low-latency audio when used with Vision Pro. Not to mention impressive noise cancellation so you can truly transport yourself away from loud environments like flying on an airplane.
  • PS5 DualSense controller ($70): Apple isn’t putting an emphasis on gaming, which is a big reason the thing doesn’t come with a controller in the first place. Still, Apple officially support’s Sony’s controller for PS5, which you’ll find useful in games available through Apple Arcade.

There are a number of things we’re still waiting to see come from the regular ecosystem of accessory creators, including docks, headstraps, silicone facial interfaces, and more style accessories. We’ll be updating this list as time goes on, so check back for the best Vision Pro accessories.

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