Nokia to enhance Maxis’ network security & 5G core ecosystem


Nokia to enhance Maxis’ network security & 5G core ecosystem

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Nokia to enhance Maxis’ network security & 5G core ecosystem

Maxis has announced that it is collaborating with Nokia to enhance its network security and reliability, as well as building a part of its 5G core ecosystem to meet its future connectivity needs. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Maxis and Nokia was signed during MWC 2024 at the Malaysia Pavilion in Barcelona last month. Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil and MCMC Chairman Tan Sri Mohamad Salim Fateh Din witnessed the ceremony.

Maxis to work with Nokia to strengthen security and reliability

Maxis signs MOU with Nokia for Network Infrastructure

According to Maxis, the collaboration with Nokia will explore the implementation of newer technologies to further fortify Maxis’ networks, strengthening security and reliability. This includes quantum-safe optical networking that protects against threats by both classical and quantum computers.

It added that both companies will explore innovation around facilitating efficient and scalable connectivity across cloud environments to bolster network security. The strengthened security will also benefit enterprise customers.

Maxis says the measures are in line with the growing demand for network infrastructure that can support robust interconnectivity and seamless cross-border data exchange, backed by more secure optical data centres.

Nokia to build part of its 5G Core ecosystem

Maxis has also engaged Nokia as a key partner in building part of its 5G Core ecosystem to meet future connectivity needs. This includes utilising cloud-native solutions that will enable Maxis to fully leverage 5G capabilities, with greater functionality, reliability and efficiency to power next-generation 5G offerings.

Maxis CEO Goh Seow Eng said, “Maxis is delighted to deepen our partnership with Nokia, extending our longstanding working relationship over the past two decades and pioneering at the frontiers of connectivity. As Malaysia’s leading integrated telecommunications provider, we look forward to closer collaboration to innovate across our network ecosystem and 5G offerings. This will ensure we are future-ready to meet customers’ ever-increasing demands for fast, secure and reliable connectivity.”

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Meanwhile, Nokia’s Head of Network Infrastructure for Asia South Ngiam Ming Kin said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Maxis to enhance its network infrastructure. This partnership will unlock opportunities for Maxis and Nokia to jointly explore and succeed in
network infrastructure segments, such as fixed networks, IP and optical networks, capitalising on the growing demand for data centres, 5G and computing power in the country, in line with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave.”

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