Ugreen 65W RoboGaN compact laptop and phone charger


Ugreen 65W RoboGaN compact laptop and phone charger

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Ugreen which is well known for its GaN chargers, has recently released its 65W RoboGan charger. This Robot-looking compact 65W GaN charger has multiple USB-C and USB-A charging ports that allow you to charge up to three devices including your laptop and smartphone.

Ugreen 65W RoboGaN Charger Malaysia Price

The Ugreen 65W RoboGaN charger (also known as Nexode RG) with 2x USB-C (USB Power Delivery) and 1x USB-A ports is now available on their official Lazada and Shopee stores in Malaysia. At the moment, the RoboGaN charger with the UK plug can be yours for only RM129. The charger is offered in both purple and black, but only black is in stock for the UK plug at the time of writing.

If you prefer the Purple version, it is currently available on Shopee for RM159.01 but it is only for the US plug.

Alternatively, UGreen is also offering the 30W version with a single USB-C port which is great for fast charging your smartphones including the latest iPhone models. The 30W charger is available in both Black and Purple for RM79 on Lazada and Shopee.

Ugreen 65W RoboGaN Charger key features

Besides looking cute with its cube Robot design, the Ugreen RoboGan also features an LED screen that offers “dynamic expression” based on the state of charging. The digital face can illustrate if the charger is switched on, fast charging enabled and when the device is fully charged.

The base of the charger is a magnetic “removable feet” which doubles up as a cap to cover the connector pins. Overall, the charger is quite compact, occupying a footprint of just 51mmx46mm and it is only 65mm tall. It weighs 0.5 pounds (about 226g) which is much lighter than carrying multiple adapters for your laptop and phones.

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However, take note that the 65W rating for this GaN charger is the overall maximum output when one device is plugged in via USB-C 1 port. If you connect multiple devices, the 65W capacity is shared with other devices. For example, you can charge a laptop at 45W while a smartphone is charged at 20W.

Ugreen claims that the 65W RoboGaN charger can charge a 13″ MacBook Air M2 from 0-55% in just 30 minutes. Meanwhile, an iPhone 15 Pro Max can charge up to 60% in just 30 minutes.

According to Ugreen, they have added several layers of protection including a Thermal Guard Tech which constantly monitors the temperature of the charger. Despite the charger’s compact size, it also boasts a 95% energy conversion efficiency so there’s minimal energy loss and heat generation while it is in use.

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