The Sequel to One of Quest’s Best-rated Games is Now Available, Trailer Here


The Sequel to One of Quest’s Best-rated Games is Now Available, Trailer Here

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SWARM (2021), the high-flying arcade shooter from Greensky Games, is one of the best-rated paid games on Quest, serving up fast-paced, arcade-style grapple shooting action as you battle against the titular Swarm. Now you can get your hands on the sequel, SWARM 2 (2024).

Announced late last year, single-player game Swarm 2 brings back more electrifying action in a rogue-like shooter package, including new environments, rogue-like progression, and globally competitive leaderboards.

In it, you play as Marv, the last surviving ‘grapple commando’, who uses their trusty pistol and grappling hook to battle back the Swarm and save Earth. Following the original Swarm, which is historically one of the best-rated Quest games by user reviews, you basically swing around like Spider-Man and blast away at Galaga (1981) style mini-baddies as well as a host of giant bosses.

Greensky Games says every mission “brings unexpected challenges as you navigate through the neon-lit ruins of Earth, now a constantly changing battleground. Each encounter with the Swarm is a unique experience, with tactics and strategies evolving to match your growing skills.”

Swarm 2 is now available across Quest 2/3/Pro and Pico headsets, priced at $25. The studio says a port for SteamVR headsets is currently on the roadmap. If you’re looking to train up before hitting the Swarm with all you’ve got, check out the game’s training guide for tips and tricks.

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