Prop Hunt VR Multiplayer ‘Mannequin’ Brings Open Alpha to SideQuest


Prop Hunt VR Multiplayer ‘Mannequin’ Brings Open Alpha to SideQuest

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Fast Travel Games today broadened access to it open alpha for Mannequin, the upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer VR game on Quest 2/3/Pro, bringing access to all through SideQuest.

Update (March 20th, 2024): Previously only available to Discord members, Fast Travel Games just opened Mannequin’s open alpha a bit more with the launch on SideQuest, the unofficial sideloading app store for Quest 2/3/Pro. It’s only available for a limited time between now and its Spring 2024 launch, so make sure to jump in sooner rather than later.

It also has a number of updates, including the ability to find friends In custom games, two new levels (replacing Courtyard and The Lab), an updated lobby, and a number of balance and performance tweaks, Fast Travel says.

Additionally, the studio threw out a new gameplay trailer that includes a brief explainer of the action, linked above the original article:

Original Article (February 20th, 2024): First revealed in September, Mannequin promises to bring a 2v3 experience akin to a deadly game of cat and mouse, letting two elite Agents hunt three shape-shifting aliens, aka Mannequins.

Somewhat like the ‘Prop Hunt’ mode from Gary’s Mod, the Mannequins have to blend into the scenery of frozen humans, but have the power to ambush Agents by dashing forward and freezing them in place with a single touch. On the flipside, Agents can scan for Mannequins and neutralize with their trusty EMP gun.

Fast Travel Games says the alpha “represents a very early build of the game with a first look at just a few of the levels and features planned for the full game,” and is said to include two levels in addition to a social lobby so players can chat or talk strategy ahead of matches.

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The open alpha is free to download via the game’s Discord (see update), with the full game set to launch on Quest, PSVR 2, and PC VR headsets later in 2024.

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