Apple spotlights key iPhone safety feature with local Hari Raya video


Apple spotlights key iPhone safety feature with local Hari Raya video

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With Ramadhan entering its second week and Hari Raya hype just around the corner, Apple has just released its Hari Raya video for 2024, featuring the Face ID security feature. The 30-second video features a story of a Raya gathering where it was themed around security and Face ID.

As a preface, Apple’s Face ID is the company’s face recognition system on the iPhone that helps to secure the device from unwanted access. It can also be used to sign in to third-party apps and websites using just your face.

In the video, the nosy relatives wanted to check the young lady’s messages that came in when she was away from the table. But Face ID blocked the relatives as it is only assigned to the lady’s face, thus stopping the intrusion of privacy by the relatives. So her private life will remain private thanks to Face ID.

Face ID was introduced in 2017 with the unveiling of the iPhone X, supplementing and eventually replacing Touch ID as Apple’s main biometric security system. Since then, all of the iPhones apart from the iPhone SE line used Face ID as the main biometric solution. It is a simple yet effective feature to ensure privacy with your iPhone.

Users can also stop messages from being displayed on the lock screen. They just need to head to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews and choose ‘When Unlocked’ under ‘Show Previews‘. This will ensure the preview of your notifications will not appear on the Lock Screen.

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