TNG eWallet now accepted by 2 million merchants in Japan


TNG eWallet now accepted by 2 million merchants in Japan

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TNG eWallet now accepted by 2 million merchants in Japan

Malaysians visiting Japan can enjoy a seamless cashless experience via Touch ‘n Go eWallet (TNG eWallet). Thanks to its integration with Alipay+ network, TNG eWallet is now accepted by 2 million merchants throughout Japan which also include major chains, convenience stores and small merchants.

Use TNG eWallet at 2 million merchants in Japan including PayPay

TNG Digital CEO Alan Ni shared that Japan is currently TNG eWallet’s second-largest cross-border market after China. This is followed by Thailand in third place and Singapore in forth place. With the surge in demand for international travel, TNG eWallet’s overall monthly overseas cross-border transactions have increased by 5x in the past 6 months from RM20 million to RM100 million currently.

Ant International President Douglas Feagin shared that Alipay+ network currently connects merchants to over 1.5 billion users worldwide. It is currently connected to over 25 payment apps and several National QR schemes including Malaysia’s DuitNow QR.

For Japan, Alipay+ has enabled cross-border payments for 16 eWallets and banking apps from 10 markets. The network covers 2 million merchants via 40 acquiring partners. PayPay, a major QR platform in Japan, is also connected to the Alipay+ network.

How to use TNG eWallet in Japan?

In Japan, the majority of Alipay+ merchants including large retail chains would scan the users’ QR code. To make a payment, just launch the TNG eWallet app and inform the cashier that you’re paying with Alipay+. Then, tap on Pay and show the code to the merchant or QR code reader. When you’re in Japan, it will automatically display your Alipay+ QR code.

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Besides Alipay+ merchants, TNG eWallet users can also pay at shops that display the PayPay QR code. Users can just tap on Scan in the eWallet app and scan the PayPay QR code. The process is similar to scanning a DuitNow QR in Malaysia as you would need to enter the transaction amount in the local currency and then confirm by entering the 6-digit PIN.

More reasons to use TNG eWallet for overseas spending

Alan shared that TNG eWallet is transparent when it comes to cross-border transactions. Besides offering competitive rates, users can view the currency exchange rate in real-time. As a comparison, credit cardholders would typically have to wait for the transaction statement to figure out the exchange rates.

On top of that, TNG eWallet also offers promotions for cross-border payments via A+ Rewards. Just tap on the A+ Rewards page and select the country you’re visiting. For Japan, first time users can redeem various promos including JPY100 voucher for spending with minimum purchase of JPY101.

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