Toll-free travel on highways on 8 and 9 April


Toll-free travel on highways on 8 and 9 April

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Toll-free travel on highways on 8 and 9 April

Similar to the last Chinese New Year festive season, the government has announced toll-free travel for the upcoming Balik Kampung season for Hari Raya. Those heading back to their home towns can enjoy a toll waiver for 48 hours between 8th April (Monday) at 12:01 am and 9th April (Tuesday) at 11:59 pm.

According to the Works Ministry, the toll waiver is only for Class 1 vehicles only. Class 1 covers all private passenger vehicles with 2 axles and 3/4 wheels excluding taxis. Tolls are applicable for other vehicle classes including lorries, taxis and buses.

The Ministry also added that the waiver is offered on all highways except for toll highways at the borders such as Sultan Iskandar (BSI) and Tanjung Kupang Tol Plaza in Johor.

The toll waiver is estimated to cost RM37.6 million and the initiative is in line with the government’s aspiration to look after the welfare of the people and reduce the burden of the cost of living. The Ministry also advises all highway users to take advantage of the opportunity and to plan their journey ahead.

Despite the toll-free initiative, the toll barriers are still in place. This means TNG cards, Credit/Debit cards, Smart TAG readers or RFID tags are still required to pass through the toll plazas but there will be no charge imposed during the toll-free period.

For those travelling on closed-toll highways such as PLUS, take note that the toll fare is calculated at the point of exit. If you can’t reach your destination before the toll-free period ends, you can exit the highway and re-enter again to enjoy the toll waiver for the first portion of your journey.

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