“Unlimited” data in 4 countries


“Unlimited” data in 4 countries

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Travellers visiting Malaysia as well as neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia can enjoy “unlimited” data roaming for only RM35. U Mobile has quietly released its travel passes which provide “unlimited” data and unlimited calls in Malaysia from as little as RM12 for 7 days. These passes are available for both Malaysians and non-Malaysians on prepaid.

U Mobile Prepaid Travel Pass with “unlimited” data

U Mobile Travel Passes available for Malaysia only and Multi-country options

For those who need connectivity in Malaysia during their short-term stay, the U Mobile 7-day Travel Pass offers “unlimited” data and unlimited calls in Malaysia for RM12. If you need to stay connected in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, U Mobile also has a 14-day Travel Pass which offers “unlimited” data in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, and unlimited calls in Malaysia, for only RM35.

U Mobile Travel Pass speedcap and FUP

U Mobile Travel Pass comes with 25GB (7-day Malaysia) and 50GB (14-day multi-country) FUP
U Mobile Travel Pass comes with 25GB (7-day Malaysia) and 50GB (14-day multi-country) FUP

However, take note that the “unlimited” data has a speedcap of 6Mbps which is sufficient for full HD streaming. The data provided is only for on-device use and that means you can’t use it for hotspot to share it with other devices.

The passes also come with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which restricts the amount of data you can enjoy at full speeds, but it is still pretty generous compared to other roaming offerings. The 7-day travel pass for use in Malaysia comes with 25GB of FUP, while the 14-day travel pass that lets you use in 4 countries has an FUP of 50GB.

If you do the math, you are effectively paying RM0.70 per GB for data roaming, which is quite affordable. Typically, other “unlimited” data roaming passes offered by other telcos come with a daily 2GB FUP limit, but this plan allows you to utilise the quota fully during the validity period. U Mobile says you are still connected after hitting the FUP limit but your speeds will be reduced to 512kbps.

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U Mobile Travel Pass add-ons

U Mobile Travel Pass is also offered with extra add-ons if you need faster speeds or hotspot usage. You can enable uncapped 5G/4G speeds by getting a 2-hour speed booster for RM1 or a 24-hour speed booster for RM5.

To enable hotspot usage, they offer a 1-day hotspot pass for RM1 or a 30-day hotspot pass for RM5. Do note that the data usage from these add-ons is still subject to the same FUP.

U Mobile Travel Pass Roaming Partner

With the U Mobile 14-day Travel Pass, not only you can roam in multiple countries but you can also connect to various roaming partner telcos for the best coverage. In Singapore, you can connect to SingTel or StarHub and while in Thailand, you can connect to AIS, DTAC and True Move. For Indonesia, you can connect to Telkomsel, Hutchison 3 and Indosat Ooredoo.

Users should be connected automatically to a network partner while roaming. If you can’t get a reliable connection, you may select another roaming partner telco manually via your phone’s settings.

How to purchase U Mobile Travel Pass

The U Mobile Travel Pass can be activated via the MyUMobile app. Just go to the add-ons section and select Roam & Travel to find the pass.

If you’re not a U Mobile prepaid user, you can purchase a new U Mobile prepaid SIM pack at various convenience stores and retail outlets. For more info, you can visit U Mobile’s Travellers Plan page.

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