Shell TNG RFID Fuelling system is offline until further notice


Shell TNG RFID Fuelling system is offline until further notice

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The Touch ‘n Go RFID fuelling system has been taken offline temporarily, according to a recent announcement on Shell Malaysia’s website. The contactless payment mode which allows users to directly pay for their fuel without the need to visit the cashier counter or tapping their card on the payment terminal was originally deployed as a pilot trial in July 2021 before being officially launched in August 2022.

TNG RFID Fuelling has already been offline since early February

The brief statement on Shell Malaysia’s website stated that the payment system was temporarily deactivated for upgrade purposes. However, it is rather odd to see that this official announcement took place on 29 March while the RFID payment option was already turned off more than one month ago on 2 February.

The move affects all Shell stations that offer the TNG RFID fuelling system throughout Malaysia. It is unclear how many Shell station currently has this payment option but when it was launched back in 2022, Shell Malaysia aimed to deploy at 200 stations by the year-end.

It is unclear when the feature will be available again

Meanwhile, the announcement on Shell Malaysia’s website also didn’t clarify what kind of improvements customers can expect after the upgrade is completed. In addition, there was no mention of when exactly the upgrade process will be completed.

On the other hand, the TNG support website did address the question but only said that the upgrading would be “completed soon”. Nevertheless, registered users will receive SMS and e-mail notifications once the upgrade is completed according to both companies.

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As for the RFID fuelling bays, they will continue to be available for customers to utilise although they have to pay using other methods. TNG’s support website has also said that the upgrade process on the RFID fuelling system does not affect the RFID toll payment system.

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