Internet demand surged 20%, cuts port pricing by 20%


Internet demand surged 20%, cuts port pricing by 20%

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MyIX, Malaysia’s largest internet exchange, has announced that demand for internet bandwidth has surged by 20% year-on-year from 2022 to 2023. It recorded a new high with demand peaking at 2.311 Terabits (Tbps) per second in the past year, marking a 20% increase from the previous 1.938 Tbps peak recorded in 2022.

According to MyIX’s statement, its mission as an internet exchange is to enhance Malaysia’s internet infrastructure by empowering members to exchange traffic with each other, to “keep internet traffic local” and to optimise network performance. In response to the growing demand, the MyIX Committee has decided to reduce its port pricing to offer more benefits to its members.

MyIX reduces port pricing up to 20%

Effective 1st April 2024, there will be a reduction between 10-20% off the current rates under the new pricing strategy. The cost for a 1Gbps port will be lowered to RM400 per month (Previously RM500 per month), a 10Gbps port will be reduced to RM1,600 per month (Previously RM2,000 per month), and a 100Gbps port will now cost RM7,200 per month (Previously RM8,000 per month).

MyIX Chairman Chiew Kok Hin said their findings indicate a significant rise in online activities throughout the country. He added that the revision in MyIX pricing positions them as one of the most affordable, if not the most affordable internet exchanges in the region.

Chiew said this during MyIX’s recent Annual General Meeting which was also attended by MCMC’s Head of Technology Development Mohamed Hakim Othman.

“Active peering members bring value to the IX community which in turn supports Malaysia’s goal to improve internet speed, affordability and access, contributing to a digitally inclusive society,” said Chiew.

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“Through strategic pricing adjustments, MyIX has further strengthened Malaysia’s role in the regional digital economy, promoting growth and innovation at all levels,” he added.

MyIX is committed to nurturing local talent

MyIX also reinforced its commitment to nurturing local talent. As part of its various CSR initiatives, they have recently hosted a free training programme to empower selected individuals with the knowledge and expertise much needed within today’s Digital Economy especially for network infrastructure.

MyIX is also putting effort into building a skilled workforce through its MyIX Fellowship Programme by offering fellowships to member organisation staff for attending workshops at the annual Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT) conference. The initiative which started with the APRICOT 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand focuses on critical areas such as IPv6 Deployment and Internet Routing/RPKI.

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