Tesla Wall Connector can now be purchased from Tesla Malaysia online store


Tesla Wall Connector can now be purchased from Tesla Malaysia online store

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Tesla Wall Connector can now be purchased from Tesla Malaysia online store

Tesla Malaysia’s online store has begun selling the Tesla Wall Connector directly to the public. Before this, the AC charger was only provided to customers on a complimentary basis as part of the company’s Home Charging Programme (HCP) when they purchased a Tesla EV.   

Tesla Wall Connector Malaysia pricing

According to the listing on Tesla Store Malaysia, customers can obtain the Wall Connector for RM2,880. This pricing does not include installation fees, so make sure to plan your budget accordingly.

If you need a reference point, the standard installation fee for the complimentary Wall Connector that was provided by HCP is RM2,200. It covers standard installation work as well as equipment such as switch, circuit breakers, residual current devices, and distribution box.

Tesla Charging Station Gamuda Cove
Tesla uses the Wall Connector not only for home usage but also for its Destination Charging network.

Customers also may have to pay for the electrical cable which costs RM36 per meter or RM60 per meter if they prefer armoured cable. There is also an additional cost of RM300 if the premise is located in Sabah or Sarawak.  

If you want to go this route, there are currently nine Tesla Certified Installers in Malaysia including AllianceMEP, Ancom, Carput, EV Connection, Ezis, Kineta, NextGMatrix, Saturn Pyro, and Titian Kencana. Their availability depends on your location which you can check on Tesla Malaysia’s website.

Tesla Wall Connector Malaysia quick specs, warranty

Being a Tesla-branded AC charger, it is being designed to work best with Tesla EVs. That being said, the Wall Connector can work with any EVs that support Type 2 connector although you can set it to only work with your Tesla or specific Tesla vehicles.

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Depending on the premise’s grid type and maximum current output that users set for it, the Wall Connector is capable of delivering a charging speed of up to 22kW (or 21kW according to this section of Tesla Malaysia’s website). Do note that the maximum AC charging speed of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y that are being sold in Malaysia is 11kW.

Tesla Wall Connector Current Output
Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3’s current and power outputs, according to Tesla Singapore’s installation manual.

For those who thinking of several Wall Connectors in their home, they can consider taking advantage of the charger’s power sharing feature. Made possible by unit-to-unit Wi-Fi connectivity, this functionality allows up to 6 Wall Connectors to dynamically share the total available power in one’s premise.

Speaking about Wi-Fi connectivity, it also allows the Wall Connector to receive over-the-air updates and provide remote diagnostics access. In addition to that, users can monitor charging usage and set up a charging schedule through the Tesla app, even if they are using the Wall Connector with a non-Tesla EV.

Tesla Malaysia Free Wall Connector

The Wall Connector that is currently being sold through Tesla Malaysia’s online store comes standard with a 7.3m charging cable. The IP44-rated AC charger is also protected by a 4-year warranty for residential use but for commercial purposes, the warranty is limited to just 1 year.

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