Why is Rh Furniture so Expensive: Should You Buy It?


Why is Rh Furniture so Expensive: Should You Buy It?

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Why is Rh Furniture so Expensive: Should You Buy It?

Are you looking for upscale home furnishing options for your space? 

Rh and Hmrichards Furniture are two of the most well-known names for such kind of furniture. Rh stands for restoration hardware furniture. They are home furnishing retailers who offer the best quality products for personal and professional spaces. With its headquarters in Corte Madera, California, this company has made its mark in the country. 

Furniture that exhibits class, elegance, and luxury is extremely important for a better interior. Rh Furniture makes sure that every piece in their shop is wrapped in luxury and grace.

The piece of furniture should speak for itself. Read ahead if you are curious to know more about this brand, Rh Furniture.  

Their values of people, quality, service, and innovation have brought them to this stage. This blog shares the history of this well-known brand and how it gained the value it holds today.

What is Rh Furniture?

Why is Rh Furniture so Expensive: Should You Buy It?

Rh Furniture was started by Stephen Gordon while he was restoring his own Victorian home. During his process of restoring, he struggled a lot with finding high-quality and affordable furniture, hardware, and fixtures.

This frustration of not being able to restore his own home gave rise to an idea. The idea was to create a shop that sells restoration hardware furniture. 

There are 101 modern Rh Furniture stores in the United States. They sell their products through different mediums, including retail stores, catalogs, and online platforms.

They have all the products for indoor and outdoor furnishings. Along with homes and offices, they also offer furnishings for restaurants, wine bars and guest houses.

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Their consistency in bringing forward the best collections has always made them one of the most well-known furniture brands. 

Features of Rh Furniture!

Features of Rh Furniture!Features of Rh Furniture!

The reason why Rh Furniture stands out from the crowd is its offerings and service. They don’t sell furniture, and they help you design your home. It is an assistance that many individuals need in setting up their space. These features help you from setting up the room to arranging for the best financing options. The four main benefits of buying from Rh Furniture are – 

  • Shop Room: The Shop Room section on Rh Furniture’s website allows you to create and design the interior of your room. There are various displays of different rooms, and the products installed in those rooms are listed below. You can choose to adapt that interior and order the products of that theme or choose to use a few of them. The Shop room option gives you an idea of how to put together different pieces of furniture and hardware. 
  • Members Program: If you are a regular buyer at RH Furniture, there is a members program for your benefit. By paying $175 annually, you can get 25% savings on all the full-priced items. It also gets you an additional 20% savings on all sale items and complimentary services with Rh interior design. If you are planning to buy with a credit card, the member’s program will help you in getting special financing options. 
  • Design Consultation: If you are new to buying furniture, then Rh Furniture will come to your rescue. Get help from the perfect designer assigned by them and begin your journey. Fill out a simple form and answer a few questions so that they can know your needs. They will reach out to you and help you in creating the best out of your space.  
  • Theme-based furniture: The Rh furniture website has created a wonderful bifurcation of different themes to cut down your selection time. Depending upon the interior theme of your space, you can explore the specific section without wasting time on other options. Some of the primary sections include contemporary, interiors, modern, outdoor, beach house, ski house, baby-child, teen, guesthouse, restaurants, wine bars, and much more. 
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Why is RH Furniture So Expensive? 

Why is RH Furniture So Expensive?Why is RH Furniture So Expensive?

A lot of people complain about the overpricing of Rh furniture products. Some of its products are indeed highly valued. However, the value comes from the inputs, processes, and quality they offer.

Some people still believe that the high pricing comes from the best quality raw materials, sales service, and many other small efforts that the brand makes. However, many are not satisfied with the pricing of its products. 

Some of their products include outdoor furniture, lights, lanterns, bedding, sofas, sectionals, dining furniture, baby-child furniture, office furniture, drapes, curtains, rugs and much more.

Whether to buy them or not depends upon your personal preference and budget. If the quality attracts you, it is worth paying the price to bring home a lavish piece of furniture.  

Are You Willing to Spend on Expensive Furniture? 

The pricing of Rh Furniture is high compared to many other products, and that is undeniable. However, when you visit the store in person and feel the quality of its furniture, it will give you the right understanding.

Locate the nearest Rh store and give it a shot. Enter your location in the link, and you will get the addresses of the nearest Rh Furniture stores. 

Furniture is a long-term investment you make to enhance the beauty of your space.

Along with that, it also serves multiple purposes. The sofa gives you rest, and lights brighten the room, rugs enhance the beauty of the floor, and so on.

Consider the aesthetic and the utility to arrive at the estimated price of a product. If you feel it’s worth it, buy it!

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