Why the Galaxy S24 Series is better than your current Galaxy


Why the Galaxy S24 Series is better than your current Galaxy

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Your phone is good, but it could be great. When you first upgraded to your current Galaxy S series phone, it probably was the most advanced phone Samsung ever made. Since then, the advancements in technology have brought new features, performance boosts, and efficiency gains to the newer Galaxy S Series.

Today, the Galaxy S24 lineup leads the series by offering some of the most advanced hardware and software technology that Samsung has to offer. You’ll find beloved features that define the series return and new features that will define the Galaxy S series moving forward.

Here’s how much better the Galaxy S24 Series is compared to your current Galaxy.

Do more using less with Galaxy AI

Galaxy AI is the new software experience that will shift the way you interact with your Galaxy device, and it debuts on the Galaxy S24 series. There are five headlining features of Galaxy AI with the first one being Circle to Search with Google.

When you see something on the screen, be it watching a video or scrolling through social media, you can tap and hold the home button to launch the app, circle the object, and you’ll get the search results within seconds.

Then there are Note Assist which can summarise and format your notes, Chat Assist which helps to rewrite your message in different styles, Photo Assist which uses generative edit to remove and relocate objects in photos, and Call Assist which translates your conversation with someone over the phone in real-time.

If you have an old Galaxy device like the Galaxy S21 series, it may not have the hardware grunt to perform these AI calculations and analysis, so it may not receive this feature. Even if it did, you will not get the best experience or performance from Galaxy AI. Hence, the best device that can fully take advantage of Galaxy AI is the Galaxy S24 Series.

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Upgraded displays across the board

Arguably, the display is the most important hardware component of a smartphone since it is the medium which allows us and the smartphone to talk to each other. As such, you get brighter, stronger, and clearer displays on the Galaxy S24 Series.

Top: Galaxy S24 Ultra, Bottom: Galaxy S23 Ultra

For starters, the display Galaxy S24 Ultra uses Corning Gorilla Armor glass which was co-developed by Corning and Samsung. It offers enhanced scratch resistance and utilises a material that reduces reflections and glare, making it more comfortable to view content on the screen since there are fewer distractions.

Additionally, the peak brightness of the display is now up to 2,600 nits which is 48% brighter than the one on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and 73% brighter than the one on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. That goes the same for the rest of the Galaxy S24 models as well.

Moreover, the Galaxy S24+ is the first + model to pack a QHD display with a resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels, just like the top-of-the-line Galaxy S24 Ultra. This means you’ll get the same crisp-looking images as you did on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Improved Camera thanks to powerful AI

With more powerful AI computing units on the processors, the Galaxy S24 Series can produce clearer and more colourful photos despite using similar camera hardware as the Galaxy S23 Series.

On the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the quad camera system uses a 50MP 5x periscope telephoto camera instead of a 10MP 10x periscope telephoto camera like on the previous 3 generations of the Galaxy S Ultra models. With a shorter focal length and wider f/3.4 aperture, the camera is now more suitable to take stunning portrait photos with a natural shallow depth of field in the background.

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Also, when compared to the 108MP primary camera on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra, the 200MP unit on the Galaxy S24 Ultra can capture more light detail information in the scene to produce brighter and more detailed photos. This is in part because the 200MP camera allows for 16-to-1 pixel binning while the 108MP camera allows for 9-to-1 pixel binning.

Improved Performance supported by better cooling

This year’s Galaxy S24 Ultra sees a performance upgrade with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy. If you’re upgrading from the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you will notice an improvement in day-to-day performance. Among the many upgrades, the Galaxy S24 runs at up to 3.4GHz while the Galaxy S21 Ultra runs at up to 2.9GHz.

Additionally, Samsung has upgraded the cooling system of the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a 1.9 times larger vapour chamber than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Moreover, there are also extra layers of thermal insulation to shield other components from the heat.

As a result, the Galaxy S24 Ultra not only offers more performance than any of its predecessors, but it can also remain in the high-performance state for longer thanks to improved thermal management.

Larger batteries coupled with more efficient processors

It’s not just performance gains that the Galaxy S24 Series bring to the table but also efficiency gains. The processors are more power efficient and thus they use less energy to complete a task.

Helping to stretch the battery life further are bigger batteries, specifically on the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24. There is now a 4,900mAh battery in the Galaxy S24+ compared to 4,500mAh on the Galaxy S22+. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S24 gets a 4,000mAh battery compared to 3,700mAh on the Galaxy S22.

Batteries also naturally degrade after each charge cycle, so depending on your usage, the battery health of your Galaxy S22 series or Galaxy S21 series might be poor. But instead of paying for a battery swap, you can consider upgrading to the Galaxy S24 Series. This way, you get a fresh battery and a more advanced smartphone.

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Software updates until the year 2031

The Galaxy S24 Series is the first device to receive a 7-year software update commitment from Samsung. That’s 7 years of both OS upgrades and security patches. If Google maintains its naming scheme for the Android OS versions, the Galaxy S24 series will be running Android 21 in 2031.

This trumps the 4 years of OS upgrades planned for the Galaxy S23 Series, S22 Series, and S21 Series. Since the S21 Series was released in 2021, that would mean it will receive its final OS update in 2025, which is just a year away. Therefore, you have one solid reason to upgrade to the Galaxy S24 Series soon.

Ready to upgrade to the Galaxy S24 Series?

So can your current Galaxy smartphone keep up? Experience Galaxy AI and the upgraded display, cameras, and performance on the Galaxy S24 Series at a Samsung Experience Store near you.

Samsung Malaysia is also offering exclusive deals for the Galaxy S24 Series worth up to RM1,849 from the 11th of March to the 30th of April 2024. This includes rebates up to RM650 when you trade in a qualified Galaxy smartphone or other models today.

Additionally, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Free Galaxy Watch6 (44mm) worth RM1,199
  • Up to RM800 discount with PWP Galaxy Wearables, Tablets and Buds
  • Up to 45% OFF on Samsung Care+ and accessories

You can find out more information on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S24+ | Samsung Galaxy S24 on the Samsung Malaysia website.

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