How to Clean Medallion Cabinets: Cleaning, Care, & Maintenance


How to Clean Medallion Cabinets: Cleaning, Care, & Maintenance

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How to Clean Medallion Cabinets: Cleaning, Care, & Maintenance

Is your kitchen always a mess? Maybe you have thought of installing a kitchen cabinet. After all, it saves your kitchen from all clutter and gives you free space. Or maybe you already have a kitchen cabinet. 

Food storage and equipment storage —yes, we agree they are so useful. But they are only great if the space where all your appliances and food items are kept is safe and hygienic. 

Medallion is a popular furniture brand that manufactures high-quality kitchen cabinets. If you have a product from the brand or are planning to buy one, here is a guide to help you maintain the cabinets’ safe and hygienic condition. 

Medallion Cabinetry

How to Clean Medallion Cabinets: Cleaning, Care, & Maintenance

Medallion Cabinetry is a brand focused on providing kitchen cabinets and bath vanities that bring a touch of style to your home. The superior construction and handcrafted artistry of the products give tough competition to other furniture brands. The enduring quality of the products the brand manufactures is commendable. Let us now talk about how to clean and take care of Medallion cabinets. 

Maintenance of Medallion Cabinets

Oil, grease, or dust are a few things that make the cabinets look dirty. Adding to it, fingerprint marks or stains can also build up on the cabinets. The basic cleaning procedure for medallion cabinets is to dust them frequently. If there’s a spill on the cabinetry, don’t let it stay there for long in contact with the cabinet’s surface. Wipe the stains and spills as soon as possible.

Here is how you can clean your Medallion cabinets! 



To clean the medallion cabinets, all you have to use to clean is a solution of water and mild soap. To clean it, use a dampened cloth along with the soap solution. Followed by wiping it off with a clean cloth. Harsh detergents or strong soaps are not recommended for use in medallion cabinets. 

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To keep your installed cabinets beautiful, you must regularly clean them from dust accumulating on their surface. For regular cleaning, you can proceed with a damp cloth and then clean it using a dry cloth. If you use a damp cloth, it is important that you dry the cabinet’s surface immediately. 

When cleaning the cabinets, be careful not to scratch the cabinet surface as you are cleaning to wipe off dust. For regular interior cleaning of the cabinet, you can clean it using a mild soap solution followed by immediate drying. 

Cleaning of Decorative Hardware

Cleaning of Decorative HardwareCleaning of Decorative Hardware

The decorative hardware of Medallion cabinets includes the handles and doors. The decorative hardware does not require cleaning that regularly if you clean the dust often, but it should be cleaned periodically. 

To clean the hardware, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing warm water and mild soap. Clean the hardware with the cleaning solution of mild soap and warm water. After that, dry it using a clean cloth. 

Glass Door Inserts

Glass Door InsertsGlass Door Inserts

If your Medallion cabinetry has doors with glass inserts, use glass cleaner by spraying it on a soft cloth. Note that the glass cleaner must be ammonia-free. Direct application of cleaner should be avoided to the glass inserts. 

After Installation Cleaning

After Installation CleaningAfter Installation Cleaning

If you have recently installed the Medallion cabinets, there are chances of dust accumulating on them. Once your cabinet is installed, wipe its parts thoroughly, including both the exteriors and interiors, to clean off all dust. 

Tips for Care and Maintenance of Medallion Cabinets


If you want your Medallion cabinets to last long, you must take care of them just like any other wooden furniture in your home. For the elegance and sophistication of these cabinets to last for long, here are some tips to follow. 

  • Mild soap or detergent solutions are best for cleaning the cabinets. The use of harsh detergents or strong soaps should be avoided at any cost. The reason is it may damage the cabinetry finish because of constituent chemicals.
  • If there is a spill on the cabinet, clean it as soon as possible. The longer the substances resulting in stains are in contact with the cabinet’s surface, the more difficult it becomes to clean the stain. 
  • If the cabinet is made of wood, temperature and humidity extremes can be a threat to your Medallion cabinets. The alteration in temperature and humidity makes the wood expand and contract, resulting in damage to the cabinetry finish. 
  • When cleaning the cabinets, it is advised not to use aggressive acids for cleaning that may damage the finish of the cabinets. Adding to it, the use of abrasive cleaning tools can result in tiny scratches on the cabinetry surface. When opting for cleaning materials, always opt for a softer cloth. 
  • If you use your dishcloth to clean your Medallion cabinets as well, you should immediately stop. The use of dishcloth is avoided when cleaning the cabinets because it may contain remnants of materials like harsh detergents or oils (or grease) that may negatively affect the cabinets. 
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A kitchen cabinet with dust or stains does not look so appealing.

If you have a taste for luxury brands like Medallion Cabinetry, it is equally important to clean it often to maintain its luxurious feel. To ensure your cabinet is clean, you should regularly clean up the cabinets. 

Occasionally, the cabinets must be cleaned with a cleaning solution and a damp cloth.

Whenever cleaning the cabinet with a damp cloth, it is important to dry off the surface. Focus on cleaning the cabinet hardware and glass door inserts as well. 

In the comments, let us know about your cleaning routine for your Medallion cabinets! 

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