What is Comparable to Flexsteel?


What is Comparable to Flexsteel?

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What is Comparable to Flexsteel?

Furniture shopping is an exciting activity and also comes with the stress of finding the right piece that goes well with your home decor and suits your idea of aesthetics.

Modern furnishing brands have changed the game by introducing the finest blend of design and functionality in furniture.

A brand that truly excels in this idea is Flexsteel. Known for its high quality and handcrafted pieces, Flexsteel has created a buzz around the market in no time.

If you are out shopping for new furniture, you must have heard about their unique pieces and top-quality.

Before you go ahead with a bag to a Flexsteel store, here’s a little insight into the brand and alternatives that you can consider.

About Flexsteel

All the buzz about Flexsteel must have gotten you thinking- What is special about Flexsteel? It might not be possible to sum it down in a few words, but Flexsteel stands out with its impeccable quality and wide range of designs.

Introduced in 1901, they have maintained their image in the market by constantly upgrading the collection and delivering the finest quality. 

What is Comparable to Flexsteel?

Around the 1920s, they came up with Blue Steel Technology, which proved to be a turning point in their story.

The technology is meant to make furniture last for years without replacements or regular fixes.

Their promise to deliver a perfectly designed steel frame covered in top-grain leather makes them worth trying.

Flexsteel furniture reviews tell the same story, and there is no reason not to consider their collection. 

Flexsteel and Its Strong Competitors 

It’s always suggested to keep your options open, which brings this critical analysis for you.

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While there was a time when Flexsteel ruled the market, with hundreds of brands coming up with advanced technology and modern finishes, Flexsteel faced serious competition, leading to its customers scattering.

We researched the market and found these amazing companies that can serve as an alternative to Flexsteel-

1. La-Z Boy

If a furniture company who had gathered as much experience with the craft as Flexsteel has to be mentioned, it has to be La-Z Boy.

Introduced in 1927, they are known for a wide range of sofas, recliners, and other household furnishing. They have held onto the principle of delivering unmatchable quality. 

La-Z BoyLa-Z Boy

Here, you can find the widest range of options to choose from, and you can then deliver them to your location within 8-10 days.

In addition, their wings are spread all over North and South America, making it easy for you to locate a store nearby. 

Additional Tip: They offer amazing warranty deals that you must look out for

2. Basset

If you are out looking for recliner sofas, chairs, and couches, then you can not miss out on Basset’s collection. They have developed expertise in recliners by switching to advanced power reclining mechanisms.


While neither Flexsteel nor Basset makes recliners with 100% leather, the latter promises comfort, quality, and richness better.

The reason Flexsteel’s customers shifted to Basset is Basset’s collection, which is designed to please customers with different tastes. 

Note: Both these amazing brands quote the same prices, so you can not evaluate their deals based on prices. 

3. Ethan Allen Interiors

A leading name in the US, Ethan Allen has opened doors for customers with a creative home decor mind. Founded in 1932, they have spread over more cities than Flexsteel in no time.

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Ethan Allen InteriorsEthan Allen Interiors

They are known for their wide range of furniture and decor items. Ethan Allen has successfully created a one-stop store for all home decor needs that Flexsteel does not, making the former a more reliable and easier option. You are meant to fall in love with exquisite pieces and a minimalist approach. 


A store that has become a part of the majority of houses in the US, has developed an impressive collection, especially on the prices they quote.

Their collection is versatile, and you would love exploring their sofas, chairs, beds, wardrobes, and home fittings.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable pieces that add value to your home, then this is the store you must head to.

Additional Tip:Their online collection is a treat to your eyes that will make you want every piece.

Before buying, read online reviews because furniture should be more than what meets the eye. 

Round Up!

All in all, it is safe to say that you have many options available under all these amazing brands.

Each brand has a unique element and a collection designed by experts. While Flexsteel might stay your top choice, it would not hurt to explore what these stores offer, and you might find a new favorite home decor store.

Furniture can change the aesthetics of your home, so exploring every possibility is always a wise choice. Don’t jump into picking furniture if you want to create a cozy and comfortable space.

We hope you find better than what you are looking for in these stores.

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