Where Does Flexsteel Manufacture Latitude Furniture Line


Where Does Flexsteel Manufacture Latitude Furniture Line

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Where Does Flexsteel Manufacture Latitude Furniture Line

Flexsteel is a leading furniture company that was introduced around a hundred and thirty years ago.

The founding principle of delivering quality and bringing that rich essence to every house is continued to date.

Flexsteel has created a legacy that is unmatchable in all senses. It goes to the credit of the team for creating an amazing line of furniture that has a versatile appeal.

A name famous in Canada has now acquired several stores in the US as well.

Are you looking for furniture featuring modern and chic designs? You probably are thinking – What makes Flexsteel furniture stand out amongst other furniture companies in the market? Here’s everything you need to know about the manufacturing that creates all the magic. 

Flexsteel Latitude Furniture Line

If you have explored Flexsteel’s latest collection, you must have come across their truly amazing Latitude Furniture Line.

This line was specially designed to bring out the finest homestyle furniture that creates a comfortable and cozy space.

They have focused on creating strong and durable frames with a gorgeous fabric cover that enhances the appearance and makes your space stand out.

You can find a wide range of sofas, recliners, and couches in their Latitude Line. It is a collection that is designed for different aesthetic senses, and all gets its magic at the manufacturing unit. Flexsteel furniture reviews do justice to its quality. 

The Manufacturing Unit

The Flexsteel manufacturing unit is primarily based in North America and is known for creating high-end furniture for homes. Their collection is versatile, and they have now acquired several manufacturing units with a home base in Dubuque, Lowa. 

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If you wish to learn more about the different products designed by Flexsteel and their manufacturing unit, then here are all the details you need.

Flexsteel Recliners

Where Does Flexsteel Manufacture Latitude Furniture Line

Shopping at Flexsteel is never complete till the time you have explored their amazing recliners created and designed by experts. All of their recliners are manufactured in Dubuque, Lowa, United States. The material is sourced locally and processed using advanced technology to retain its richness. What creates the unique charm that attracts you is that each of these pieces is handcrafted. 

Flexsteel Sofas

Flexsteel SofasFlexsteel Sofas

Their sofas are meant to enhance the aesthetics of your home. From minimalistic nude shades to vibrant-coloured fabric, they have created a versatile shade. Unlike their other products, Flexsteel Latitude Line sofas are made in China. The China unit is newly developed but has perfectly adapted to the brand’s legacy and has been delivering top-notch quality.  

Other Furniture

Other FurnitureOther Furniture

Flexsteel is majorly known for its line of leather recliners and sofas. They have several collections/lines launched over a century of being in the market. Flexsteel manufactures all other furniture lines at these units. 

  • Dubuque, Iowa
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Dublin, Georgia
  • Riverside, California
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Huntingburg, Indiana
  • Harrison, Arkansas
  • Starkville, Mississippi
  • Edgerton, Kansas

Flexsteel Furniture Made in the US

The furniture company has its sole in the US, and almost all of its leading products are grown within its manufacturing unit in North America. Their recliner line is primarily designed and created in the US. US manufacturing units have been designing a wide collection of recliner couches and sofas.

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Flexsteel Furniture Made in the USFlexsteel Furniture Made in the US

In addition, Flexsteel legendary leather is also processed in this unit using modern technology and pigmentation techniques. 

Round Up!

Flexsteel is the place that must be on the top of your list as they promise to deliver the finest quality that lasts for years and does not require frequent fixes. The Furniture hub has created a trustworthy reputation, making it stand out amongst its competitors.

Their manufacturing units are spread all over the US, and new units have been introduced in China as well. What makes their collection consistent in terms of quality is that they have successfully manufactured all their products within the company.

Not a single piece is ordered from outside, proving their promise to deliver quality before anything. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Flexsteel Furniture Manufactured in The US?

No, not all Flexsteel furniture is manufactured in the US. Although most of their manufacturing units are located in different places in the US, they have new units in China as well.

Is Flexsteel Furniture of Good Quality?

Flexsteel Furniture is known for its unique style and top-notch quality pieces that are created using top-grain leather to promise richness, style, and longevity. 

Where is Flexsteel Based?

Flexsteel Furniture is a Canada-based company that delivers the finest quality leather pieces. They have stores in several parts of the US and China as well.

Is Flexsteel Still Making Furniture in 2023?

Yes, Flexsteel Furniture has been making impeccable pieces for over a century now. They have expanded to several new cities in the US. 

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