Why Does Palliser Furniture Get Bad Reviews?


Why Does Palliser Furniture Get Bad Reviews?

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Home Decor is all about getting the furniture right. With brands coming up to introduce truly amazing pieces that are designed to add exquisite value to your home, selecting furniture has become a fun experience.

You can find what goes with your aesthetics from thousands of furniture stores and boutiques.

Being a furniture fanatic, you must have heard about Palliser- A rather old name that has taken over the market by storm recently. 

What makes the Palliser journey interesting is its mixed customer reviews. While some people are going gaga over their recliners and sofas, others have faced quality issues with no customer care support or service.

For all of you planning to get your hands on Palliser Furniture, we have prepared a list of things in this article. 

About Palliser Furniture

About Palliser Furniture

Founded in 1944, Palliser is a rather big name in the furniture business. Initially, they were focused on creating simple sofas and couches for living rooms. In the later years, as the team expanded, they introduced an impeccable line of recliners and are now known for their colorful sofas and unique aesthetics. A Canada-based company now has wings spread all over North America. Their collection is worth exploring for everyone looking for a furniture renovation of their home. 

What Went Wrong with Palliser Furniture

Looking at their collection and enormous review collection makes it hard to believe that they could have gone wrong with their furniture. However, we saw tons of common complaints and thought of summarising Palliser furniture reviews for you

Furniture Quality

Furniture QualityFurniture Quality

  • When you are buying furniture, the first concern is its quality. You might be fine adjusting with aesthetic value, but quality isn’t an aspect to be compromised. Palliser online reviews are filled with customers being unhappy about the quality of sofas and recliners provided the huge sum of money they have spent.
  • Complaints about low-quality wood and faux leather surely come as a disappointment from a company like Palliser. The last thing you want from your sofa is its arm falling apart after a few months of usage. 
  • Palliser Furniture is known for its color palette and reviews telling a story of faded colors, and peeled fabric becomes a red flag for any customer.
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Delayed Delivery

Delayed DeliveryDelayed Delivery

You might plan to purchase furniture for your house with ample time in your hand. However, if you are on the other side waiting for a fast delivery, Palliser Furniture might come as a disappointment. They have somehow created an image of taking orders with a lack of ability to fulfill them. There are several complaints regarding their delayed delivery and instances of customers waiting for months to get their furniture delivered.

Wrong delivery

Wrong deliveryWrong delivery

One thing you can not expect a Palliser-level brand to do is deliver the wrong orders. To your surprise, Palliser has failed many times. Customers have left several reviews for receiving the wrong item and facing difficulty in exchange as the customer service at Palliser comes as no help. Messing up the address is another point that has taken the brand’s review down.



Customer Service is an integral part of any service/product-based company. Palliser Furniture has failed time and again to be available for their customers. There are hundreds of clients waiting for the team to reply about delivery dates, quality issues, and servicing. What came as a shock was Palliser’s salesperson denying being a part of the company. Constant call forwarding to meet the store’s agent is another story that online reviews tell. 

Lack of Stores

Lack of StoresLack of Stores

Palliser Furniture is a Canada-based company with wings even in North America. They promise to deliver in different areas but the inability to open stores for customers to personally check the quality and design comes as a problem. You probably would not want to spend a big bag looking at images on their online portal.

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Focusing on The Good

Not all is bad in the store! There is enough proof of happy and loyal Palliser furniture customers. Their Brunswick Sofa, Shields Reclining Sofa, and Westpoint Sofa have secured a special place in the hearts of customers.

Designed to enhance the aesthetics of your home, their collection features everything from neutrals and beige to vibrant colors. If you are looking for modern chic decor, then Palliser Furniture is a store you would want to explore. 

Round Up!

Palliser Furniture has created a strong name in the decor field, and just as any other company, they also have mixed customer reviews, making it difficult for you to decide.

The best way to make a decision is by personally visiting the store and purchasing furniture that comes with a good period warranty.

Furniture is a piece of decor that can not be compensated with colored walls.

They are truly irreplaceable when it comes to adding aesthetic value to your home, so before you spend dollars, make sure to do research and explore to find the finest furniture boutique near you.

Help your fellow furniture fanatics by leaving reviews for brands that you trust.

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