Arhaus Sofas Manufactring: How are They Connected?


Arhaus Sofas Manufactring: How are They Connected?

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If you are looking for elegant furniture designs and finding it hard to find them, Arhaus must be your shopping destination for all your furniture needs.

Designs crafted by skillful craftsmen, the use of high-quality materials, and reliability are a few reasons customers trust this brand blindly. 

With strict quality tests, defects in sofas purchased from Arhaus are almost impossible to find. Before you buy, it is important to know how the sofas are manufactured and connected.

So, to help you know everything about sofa manufacturing, the blog discusses how Arhaus sofas are connected. 

Design Elements of Arhaus

The design elements of Arhaus are perfect if you need a style infused with great architecture.

The design of Arhaus furniture items is crafted with sleep and modern designs that make them so impressive. You can find home decor and furniture items for every space of your home. 

Types of Sofas

Types of Sofas .jpg

The resiliently crafted sofa ranges from Arhaus are a combination of comfort, style, and elegance for your indoor or outdoor spaces. With a variety of designs and styles, it is easy to find a sofa that matches your expectations and home aesthetics.

The company sells well-crafted sofas by handing out orders to other manufacturing companies. 

Materials Used and Maintenance

Materials Used and Maintenance Materials Used and Maintenance

The materials Arhaus uses are of good and premium quality, making them resistant to daily wear and tear. This makes the articles indestructible, and with maintenance, it is easier to make them look brand new. The materials typically used in products are made of solid wood, petrified wood, rattan, glass, marble, crystal, and all-weather wicker. 

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Where are All the Products Manufactured? 

Arhaus, an American retail chain for furniture, has its headquarters in Boston Heights, Ohio. If we talk of manufacturing of all the furniture articles, it takes place mostly in North Carolina.

The high-quality wood for manufacturing is obtained from Sustainable Forestry Initiative Georgia Pacific wood. The assembling and manufacturing of products using high-quality materials are mostly done in North Carolina. 

Arhaus is also known for making recycled materials to not scavenge the forests, leaving minimal environmental impact. It gets recycled copper from Mexico, which is used to manufacture furniture collections. 

How are Arhaus Sofas Connected? 

How are Arhaus Sofas Connected?How are Arhaus Sofas Connected?

Most of the Arhaus sofas are made from wood, so it is important to understand how the wood and other materials of the sofa are connected together. Joinery determines the woodworking and how different parts are connected to each other in carpentry. 

Some of the most popular joints that are used in making Arhaus furniture, especially sofas, are listed below. 

  • Mortise and Tenon Joint
  • Box Joint
  • Half-lap Joint
  • Butt Joint
  • Dowel Joint
  • Frame & Panel Joint
  • Dovetail Joint
  • Rebate & Dado Joints
  • Mitre Joint
  • Spline Joint

The joinery system used for connecting sofa pieces together was a traditional way of manufacturing sofas. The most popular methods are Dovetail joint and Mortise & Tenon Joints. 

As furniture manufacturing was introduced with modern techniques, the use of traditional joinery methods has been somewhat limited. Modern connection techniques for connecting sofas now use metal brackets, metal screws, or dowel & screw combinations. Nowadays, popular ways the manufacturers are connecting the sofas is by using interlocking mechanisms and hybrid connection methods.

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Impact of Arhaus Sofa Connection

How Arhaus sofas are connected is important to understand because it will dictate the longevity of furniture items. For a sofa to last long, the connection it uses must be of high quality as well. 

The connections used during sofa manufacturing must be of high quality and have an excellent load-bearing capacity. Wear and tear of sofa connections is another important factor that plays a vital role. 

Care and Maintenance of Arhaus Sofas 

Care and Maintenance of Arhaus SofasCare and Maintenance of Arhaus Sofas

How you should be taking care of and maintaining a sofa will be specific to what type of upholstery material is used. But here are some tips that you must follow no matter what type of Arhaus sofa you own. 

  • Regularly clean your sofa. Depending on what upholstery material is on your sofa, the cleaning methods may vary.
  • Take good care of the frames used in the sofa and prevent any potential damage to your frames.
  • Sharp objects are enemies for any furniture article. Keep sharp objects like pins, needles, etc., to prevent any scratches, punctures, or tears.
  • Check for loose connections used in your sofa. With time and usage, the screws and bolts used for frames are likely to get loosened. So it is best to regularly check for loose connections and tighten them using the right instructions.
  • Sunlight exposure is another concern that may degrade the sofa quality with time. It is very important if leather is used as the upholstery material. It is best advised not to keep the sofa under direct sunlight for longer time duration.
  • Pet care is an important factor to consider to avoid any scratches. Pet hair is another concern in families with pets, so choose the right material that is easy to clean. 
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Wrap Up!

For home improvement projects, Arhaus is a reliable brand that gives you numerous options to choose the right furniture article. What makes Arhaus a well-known retail business is its products that provide comfort, style, and quality altogether. 

The materials used for manufacturing sofas are solid wood or petrified wood. How sofa frames and other pieces are joined together is important in determining the overall quality of sofas. 

Traditional ways of sofa connections included various sofa joints like the Dovetail joint and Mortise & Tenon joint. The current ways to join the sofas include the use of screws, dowels, and metal brackets. 

Let us know in the comments if you want to learn more about Arhaus sofas. 

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