What is the Standard Warranty on Flexsteel Furniture?


What is the Standard Warranty on Flexsteel Furniture?

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When you think about investing in pricey furniture like Flexsteel furniture, it is important to also read the fine print. Some of these things include the warranty.

A warranty is very important when buying anything expensive. While the Flexsteel furnitures are great, how long does it last? What things does the warranty cover? We will explore all of that in this article.

Keep reading to find out all about “What Is the Standard Warranty on Flexsteel Furniture?”

What is the Standard Warranty on Flexsteel Furniture?

What is the Standard Warranty on Flexsteel Furniture?

When investing in something as special as Flexsteel furniture, it is important to ensure that not only will it last long, but the company you are buying it from also provides good service and ensures you can enjoy the product for a longer period of time. This is what a warranty generally aids in. 

At Flexsteel Furniture, there are basically three types of warranties that are covered by the company. This includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty that comes on internal structures.

Then there is a limited 5-year warranty that comes on electrical and mechanical components along with sleeper furnishings and lastly is a limited 1-year warranty. This comes from elements that are perishable and can be taken care of to ensure longevity.

Let’s dive deeper into this. 

Lifetime Warranty

Flexsteel furniture prides itself on the longevity and durability of its furniture. They have faith in not only the way they source the material but also in their craftsmanship.

They offer a lifetime warranty on the internal structures of their furniture. This means everything that goes into making the furniture. This includes the following. 

  • Springs 
  • Wood Frames 
  • Metal Bases
  • Reclining Mechanisms 
  • Seat Cushion Foam
  • Feathers
  • All of these components in the furniture come with a lifetime warranty. 
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Limited Warranty 

While the company uses the best in class products to make their piece of art, there is a limited 5-year warranty on a few things. These include- 

  • Electrical Components 
  • Mechanical Components
  • Sleeper Mechanisms 
  • Sleeper Mattresses. 

Limited 1-Year Guarantee 

Finally, there are also some components in the furniture pieces that come with a one-year warranty. This includes:

  • Finished Wood 
  • Plastic Components 
  • Metal Components
  • FlexAir2 Mattress & Pump
  • Battery Packs
  • Filling Material
  • Pillow Fibre Filling
  • Upholstery Material 

Why is a Warranty Important? 

Why is a Warranty Important?Why is a Warranty Important?

Warranty is an important aspect when making the decision to invest in something significant like Flexsteel furniture. There are several reasons why Warranty is very important. This includes the following. 

  • Protection: If your product has a warranty, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run. Warranties generally cover all the repairs and replacement, which means you have financial safety for a particular period of time for some high-value investments. 
  • Assurance: When your products come with a warranty, it gives you peace of mind. You are assured that the product is made with a quality where it won’t break down. However, even if it does, the company will take care of it. 
  • Legal Protection: Warranty is not just a piece of paper of something we are saying. It is a binding contract that ensures that companies are held responsible if their product fails to meet the standards. 
  • Promotion of Longevity: While not directly, warranties cover longevity by ensuring that the products are repaired and replaced whenever necessary. It also brings a professional into the picture who ensures that any product lasts longer. 
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How to Claim Warranty at Flexsteel Furniture?

How to Claim Warranty at Flexsteel Furniture?How to Claim Warranty at Flexsteel Furniture?

Like in any other case, you have to follow a process to claim a warranty if ever necessary. Flexsteel Furniture reviews suggest that they provide great service even when claiming a warranty. However, it is important to follow a process to make this smooth and successful process. 

Step 1: Check Your Warranty Document

When looking at the warranty document, make sure that you review the terms and conditions that your Flexsteel furniture came with.

Ensure that your furniture is still under warranty. Also, try to understand the things and components that are covered under the warranty. 

Step 2: Gather All The Important Documents

The next step is to secure all the important documents. These include the original purchase receipt or the invoice and the warranty card if given by the retailer. This will help you understand crucial details like the date and details of the product. 

Once you have all the necessary documents, take pictures of the parts you want to claim a warranty on. Also, find the product serial number of the unique identifier. You will generally find this on the label of your furniture. 

Step 3: Reach Out to Customer Service or Authorised Dealer 

If you purchased your furniture from an authorized dealer, it is important that you contact them for further assistance.

However, if you fail to get assistance from there, it is important to call Customer service. You can easily find the customer service contact on the website. 

Step 4: Submit Your Warranty Claim

Submit your claim formally. When doing so, provide all the necessary details, like your contact info, product details, and a detailed description of your issue. If possible, attach pictures to it along with a photo of the receipt for the evidence. 

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Step 5: Wait for the Resolution 

The next thing to do is sit back and relax. It generally takes the companies a little time to process a warranty claim, so it is important to allow them this time and get the warranty claim through.

However, it is also important to stay in touch with either customer service or the retailers. 

Step 6: Keep Records

After you have claimed the warranty and your concerns have been addressed, keep the correspondence with you for any further issues. Also, keep any documents or invoices provided by the company. 


With this, we can say that it is pretty easy to claim the warranty at Flexsteel Furniture.

With a systematic process, you can effectively claim your warranty on the furniture.

However, make sure you are calm and cooperative during this process. Sometimes, things take a little longer to go through, but it will happen. So, be assured. 

Do let us know in the comment section below if you need any help. 

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