Ashley Furniture: Are They Manufactured in the US?


Ashley Furniture: Are They Manufactured in the US?

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Ashley Furniture: Are They Manufactured in the US?

Ashley Furniture celebrated 75 years of creating unique furniture in 2020. There is no doubt that they deliver exactly what they promise: innovation and change in the industry.

Due to their consistent performance, we often align products like sofas and recliners with Ashley furniture.

However, it is fair to ask exactly where the brand manufactures its products. 

Different furniture brands, like Arhaus, are known for creating their furniture on home soil, keeping the environment in mind. But not every brand follows the same mantra.

However, Ashley Furniture is proud of the products they do produce in America.

They also declare every foreign location proudly on their website, being fully transparent with their buyers.

In this article, we elaborate on Ashley Furniture’s manufacturing and distributing centers in and outside the US. 

Is Ashley Furniture Made in The US?

The straightforward answer would be that not all of the furniture brands are made in the US.

About 60% of the total products manufactured by them every year are made on American soil.

The remaining 40% is then divided between their production centers across China and Vietnam. 

Ashley Furniture: Are They Manufactured in the US?

Ashley Industries’ legacy now includes supplying furniture to about 155 countries across the globe. So it is natural that they require more offices on foreign parts for ease of conveyance.

The home goods they produce have more to do with American production than the furniture.

The business made its start in Chicago but has since then moved bases to Wisconsin. Their current headquarters lie in Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. 

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Ashley Furniture currently employs more than 17,000 people across the country, a huge leap from the initial 35.

Their first base was 35,000 square feet, but now they have about 30 million square feet worldwide. So, it is safe to say that the brand is an influential figure in the global economy.

Manufacturing Centers in the USA

As Ashley Furniture manufactures about two-thirds of its products in America, it has plenty of facilities. The manufacturing and distribution is done from a variety of locations across the US, and they are as follows. 

  • Advance, North Carolina
  • Arcadia, Wisconsin
  • Brandon, Florida
  • Ecru, Mississippi
  • Independence, Wisconsin
  • Leesport, Pennsylvania
  • Mesquite, Texas
  • Redlands, California 
  • Ripley, Mississippi
  • Verona, Mississippi
  • Whitehall, Wisconsin

Manufacturing Centers in the USAManufacturing Centers in the USA

All of the facilities in the US are impressive when we consider their size. But most of the manufacturing miracles are done in Mississippi.

The state boasts three huge units in the cities of Eru, Verona, and Ripely. These are created with the highest quality immobile furniture that can be bought. 

Among the large manufacturing facilities of Ashley in Mississippi, Ecru is the largest. This 100-acre facility houses the biggest upholstery production unit in the world, making it the center of Ashely’s production.

As the manufacturing and producing unit holds 2.4 million square feet of space, the end products are sure to be top-notch. 

Manufacturing Centers Abroad

As stated above, not all of Ashley Furniture’s products are made in the US. Some are manufactured abroad.

However, this brand is not the only local industry that uses centers outside America for its production.

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Considering everything, only a small part of their overall manufacturing is done in China and Vietnam. 

Manufacturing Centers AbroadManufacturing Centers Abroad

According to the 2021 data, only 10% of their domestic sales furniture came from China.

But Ashley Furniture has been partnering with China since the 1980s. But in 2012, it became official when the brand opened its first flagship store in Shanghai. Since then, Ashley Funiture’s popularity has risen drastically within China. 

Ashley Furniture has another plant near Shanghai that deals with manufacturing and distribution. However, it has about 4 other international distribution facilities, and they are as follows. 

  • Tan Uyen Town, Vietnam
  • Bing Duong City, Vietnam
  • My Phuoc 3IP, Vietnam
  • Quang Ngai, Vietnam


Even though all of these plants are a part of the Ashley Furniture manufacturing team, they are not usually bought by Americans. Most of the US purchase of Ashley Furniture is domestic.

But the reason why international manufacturing takes place is because of profit. Using China’s furniture markers, they can have their supplies at a reduced price, ensuring proper profits.

But even though some of its production is done in the Asian market, Ashley Furniture is proud of its domestic manufacturing.

Products made in China are also sold to locals. For a long time, Ashley Furniture monopolized the market there. Even now, it is a popular brand across several countries. 

Bottom Line!

Ashley Furniture is synonymous with quality products. Their sofas, recliners, chairs, and ottomans are aesthetic, durable, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

But with such stellar products, the question often arises whether all of their furniture is made in the US.

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While the brand has many facilities on American Soil, it also has some abroad, where manufacturing occurs.

However, overall, most products bought by Americans are produced by Ashley Furniture’s domestic facilities.

The ones abroad, as in China and Vietnam, manufacture and sell their products locally.

So you can rest assured that your sofas are indeed made in America.

And if you have any other queries about Ashley Furniture, let us know in the comments below!

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