Varjo’s Enterprise Cloud XR Streaming Platform Now Supports Quest 3 and Quest Pro


Varjo’s Enterprise Cloud XR Streaming Platform Now Supports Quest 3 and Quest Pro

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Varjo announced it’s now supporting Quest 3 and Quest Pro for its cloud XR streaming platform ‘Reality Cloud’, which lets professionals stream and share immersive 3D content rendered on cloud-based GPUs.

The Finland-based creator of high-end XR headsets is known for its pricey, but high-quality mixed reality headsets, which are primarily used in the enterprise space for designers and engineers, but also for things such as detailed simulation and training.

You don’t need to plonk down the $3,990 for the company’s base model Varjo XR-4 headset though to use its subscription-based Varjo Reality Cloud service, which offloads intensive XR or VR software rendering to powerful cloud-based GPUs—previously only available to Varjo’s line of enterprise devices.

The update, announced April 5th, brings support to Varjo Reality Cloud to Quest 3 and Quest Pro, making them the fist non-Varjo XR devices to use the subscription-based cloud rendering and streaming service.

Additionally, the company also released an iOS application in February, letting users also access the cloud-rendering platform from a host of iPhone and iPad models.

Granted, it’s no surprise the company has opened its cloud streaming platform to other headsets and mobile devices; the company told us exactly that when we went hands-on with Varjo Reality Cloud back in 2022, noting that the move was targeted at making it easier to scale XR more broadly inside of organizations.

If you’re interested in using Varjo Reality Cloud with Quest devices, check out this guide on how to install it on Quest, which takes you through the process of sideloading the company’s Quest apk file.

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