Here’s what the Sony Xperia VI would look like. Will it retain a 4K display?


Here’s what the Sony Xperia VI would look like. Will it retain a 4K display?

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In case you forgot, Sony is still making its Xperia smartphones and they are expected to reveal their new flagship model in the coming months. The new model is the Sony Xperia VI, which is the 6th generation of the Xperia 1 flagship series. While the overall slim candy bar design remains unchanged, the Xperia VI may come with a different display which could be seen as a downgrade for some.

Based on high-quality renders provided by Onleaks, published exclusively on Android Headlines, the Sony Xperia VI looks quite similar to the past few models. The front still looks like a skinny tall phone with a forehead and chin, while the rear still gets a clean design with a slim camera island with three cameras. Also retained is a side-mounted power button with an integrated fingerprint sensor along with a dedicated shutter button for the camera.

Compared to the current Xperia 1, the new Mark VI is said to be shorter, wider, and a bit thicker. Instead of a 21:9 aspect ratio, the new display is said to be 19.5:9, which is similar to the current Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

While the recent Xperia 1 flagship smartphones have gotten quite expensive with a retail price tag of over RM6,000, it still stands out for having a 4K HDR OLED display. However, it is said that Sony might ditch the 4K display for a more modest 2K panel instead.

The reality is that most of the time, the Xperia 1 flagships don’t run on 4K all the time. The maximum resolution is only enabled on certain apps or when displaying ultra-high-resolution photos and videos. It seems that Sony realised that it could be more cost and power-efficient to use a 2K display instead of the Mark VI.

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Would you pay over RM6,000 for a Sony Xperia flagship smartphone?


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