Time now offers 200Mbps fibre broadband at RM99/month, 600Mbps for RM139/month


Time now offers 200Mbps fibre broadband at RM99/month, 600Mbps for RM139/month

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Time now offers 200Mbps fibre broadband at RM99/month, 600Mbps for RM139/month

Time has revamped its home fibre broadband offering after rolling out free speed boost and router upgrades to existing customers. Essentially, new customers are getting an additional 100Mbps at no extra cost.

Time offers 200Mbps for RM99/month

Time now offers 200Mbps for RM99/month and 600Mbps for RM139/month

The base 100Mbps Time home fibre broadband plan is now upgraded to 200Mbps while maintaining the same subscription fee of RM99/month. The plan also comes bundled with a free WiFi 6 router worth RM399 and offers symmetrical 200Mbps speeds for both upload and download.

If you need more speed, for an additional RM40 per month, you can subscribe to Time’s 600Mbps fibre plan at RM139/month. This plan comes bundled with a WiFi 6 router (worth RM399) and a free WiFi 6 Mesh (worth RM399) to expand your home’s WiFi footprint. In terms of speed, the plan offers 600Mbps for download, but a slightly lower 500Mbps for upload, which is still impressive for the price.

As part of its ongoing promo, customers who sign up for the 600Mbps plan will be charged RM99/month for the first 6 months. That’s extra savings of RM240 during the promo period before going back to RM139/month for the subsequent months in the contract.

Time 1Gbps and 2Gbps fibre broadband

The pricing for higher gigabit fibre plans such as 1Gbps and 2Gbps remain unchanged at RM199/month and RM379/month respectively. Both plans also get a WiFi 6 router and WiFi 6 Mesh bundle. In terms of upload speed, both plans are limited to 500Mbps. Take note that the 2Gbps fibre plan from Time offers true 2Gbps downloads but the plan is only available in selected areas.

Time offers no contract option but there’s a one-time fee

As usual, all fibre broadband plans come with a 24-month contract. However, Time is offering a no-contract option which requires a one-time charge of RM400 for the 200Mbps plan, RM650 for the 600Mbps plan and RM800 for the 1Gbps plan. If you need a landline, these plans also come with Time Voice Home Basic and the call usage is charged based on pay per use basis.

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If you’re interested, you can sign up online via their website. New subscribers can enjoy the first month free under Time’s online exclusive offer.

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