5% p.a. Savings Pockets Promo oversubscribed


5% p.a. Savings Pockets Promo oversubscribed

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GXBank has provided an update for its 5% p.a. savings promo which kicked off during Hari Raya. According to the digital bank, the campaign is oversubscribed and the new rate will no longer applicable for new Savings Pockets.

According to the notice pushed via the app this morning, new Savings Pockets created from 23rd April onwards will only enjoy 3% p.a. daily interest which is the regular rate. However, existing Savings Pockets created before the date will continue to enjoy the promotional 5% p.a. daily interest until the end of the Campaign Period.

The 5% p.a. promo is running from 10th April until 9th May 2024 and it applies for balances of up to RM5,000 per Savings Pocket. Each GXBank account holder can create up to 10 Savings Pockets.

According to the updated T&C, the GX Raya Bonus Interest Campaign has a maximum capping of RM1,000,000,000.00 on the total placements received on a first come first served basis. Eligible customers who created Savings Pockets before 23rd April 2024 will continue to receive the Bonus Interest on the end-of-day balance of such existing Savings Pockets until the end of the campaign period.

For more info, you can visit GXBank’s website.

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