Multiplayer Mixed Reality Laser Tag Comes to Quest App Lab in ‘Laser Limbo’


Multiplayer Mixed Reality Laser Tag Comes to Quest App Lab in ‘Laser Limbo’

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Multiplayer Mixed Reality Laser Tag Comes to Quest App Lab in ‘Laser Limbo’

Laser Limbo is a mixed reality game for now in early access on Quest App Lab that brings a host of laser tag-style games to your home, playable either in single or multiplayer.

Created by indie studio, Laser Limbo transforms your home, office, or entire floors into a unique mixed reality multiplayer arena, replete with things like laser pistols and even laser tag vests, which not only show off your team colors, but also act as a pretty obvious enemy targets.

Besides letting you take on another player in head-to-head laser combat, the game also comes with a few other modes, including Coin Chase, co-op Team Puzzling, and the bullet-time Shooter—all of which feature unique laser traps that players have to avoid to achieve victory, making it a bit of a cross between Resolution Games’ MR team shooter Spatial Ops and Thomas Van Bouwel’s obstacle game Laser Dance. An included map editor also lets you customize your environment.

Laser Limbo was created by previous co-founders of the German VR company VR-Nerds Nico Uthe and Christoph Springer, the former of which created the VR arcade shooter Tower Tag and the VR experience Lucid Trips.

The laser tag-style game was previously available in Early Access for Location Based Entertainment (LBE) operators, but now has been released as a free and open Beta on App Lab for Quest. The at-home version of the game on App Lab can be played with up to two players, while the LBE comes with an extra Operator App that enables up to eight players at a time.

You can now play it for free in beta on App Lab for Quest, supporting Quest 2/3/Pro. The full release is planned to launch sometime in Q3 2024, and is said to include more game modes and options.

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