A New Team-Based VR Action Shooter Debuts on Meta Quest


A New Team-Based VR Action Shooter Debuts on Meta Quest

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A New Team-Based VR Action Shooter Debuts on Meta Quest

Industry Direct by Skonec Entertainment

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At Skonec Entertainment, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new VR title, Strike Rush, now available on the Meta Quest platform. This release marks a significant milestone as we continue to evolve the VR gaming experience, leveraging our two decades of expertise in developing captivating railgun shooters like Operation Ghost and Mortal Blitz VR. As the next generation of VR devices offers more immersive experiences, we’re proud to lead the way with Strike Rush, a fresh and dynamic addition to the growing market of standout VR titles.

Strike Rush is a team-based action shooter that brings the dynamic hero shooter genre, previously popularized on PC, consoles, and mobiles, into the immersive realm of virtual reality. Players form teams of four, with up to eight players in total, competing to dominate a map by capturing the central point or obstructing their opponents within a fast-paced, ten-minute game. This competitive format may remind players of other shooters like Overwatch and Valorant.

In Strike Rush, we’ve pushed the boundaries of VR gameplay with several innovative features that ensure a varied and engaging experience. Central to the game’s appeal are the Blitzmons, AI-driven companions that players can control. These companions add a strategic element to gameplay, as they can be deployed to attack, defend, or heal, influencing the flow of battle on various points of the map.

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Another major innovation in Strike Rush is the introduction of the Colossus, a massive mech that players have the opportunity to pilot. This feature enhances the immersive quality of the game, providing a detailed cockpit environment and realistic perspective adjustments that mimic the experience of piloting a giant robot, similar to those seen in Titanfall. It was one of the most popular features by users during our testing phase.

Additionally, the game features meticulously designed firearms that highlight our commitment to innovation and making the feeling of shooting firearms both fun and invigorating.

Beyond the intense team battles, Strike Rush offers a rich variety of content including interactive elements with Blitzmons, single-player missions, and a selection of entertaining mini-games, ensuring that players always have something new to discover.

Our Director, Gunhwi Park, has noted the enhancements made to Strike Rush based on extensive global feedback over the past year. We are committed to refining the game to make it both accessible and deep, allowing newcomers and seasoned gamers alike to explore its features at their own pace.

For more information about Strike Rush visit our official website or Discord server. You can also watch the game trailer on our official YouTube channel to see Strike Rush in action.

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