Where is Arhaus Furniture Manufactured: The Full Scoop


Where is Arhaus Furniture Manufactured: The Full Scoop

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Since 1986, Arhaus Furniture has made it a point to deliver furniture that lasts for generations. Their designs are always on point, a result of collaboration with artists from all over the world.

They also make sure that each of their creative pieces is sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Their efforts include sourcing wood from trees that are past their prime and partnering with Indian artisans about their rugs. 

With such expansive creativity, it is fair to question exactly where Arhaus furniture is made.

The Quality of its furniture cannot be complete without considering all of its parts and where it is made.

As people appreciate their eco-friendly products, we explain in this article exactly where their beloved sofas are made. 

Where Does Arhaus Manufacture Their Furniture? 

With such diverse products, people often think that Arhaus Furniture is manufactured somewhere else. But in reality, the majority of their products are American-made.

During COVID-19, there have been a lot of delays and pending orders for different brands. But that was not the case for Arhaus Furniture.

By directly sourcing their products from all over the world, they avoided the repercussions of turbulent times. 

Where Does Arhaus Manufacture Their Furniture?

But by 2021, the brand did not have to worry about their supplies ever again. With the opening of their manufacturing and distributing faculty in North Carolina, they have become self-sufficient. The 500 thousand square feet state-of-the-art facility has helped their e-commerce revenue by a big margin. 

Chinese or American Origins?

Arhaus Furniture had very humble beginnings, starting in 1986 in The Flats of Cleveland, Ohio, USA. So, at any rate, it can be said that they are American through and through. Every piece of furniture is made in America, and American artisans are employed in its construction. 

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The luxury-grade furniture, which is a joy to behold, is manufactured in North Carolina. However, the brand sources its materials from a lot of different places.

For example, the glass used on their tabletops is made from recycled material imported from Mexico. Mexican artists use traditional methods to prepare the glass for their tables. 

Arhaus Furniture only reaches China after they have been prepared and packed. Chinese retailers receive the sofas, chaises, and ottomans and ship them to the people who ordered them. Otherwise, all the manufacturing and distribution is done in America. 

The North Carolina Facility

Arhaus Furniture’s holdings in the foothills of North Carolina are a legend in the industry.

The apparent size of the space, coupled with the fact that it houses 1200 employees, at least shows off its strength.

The self-made brand is proud of each piece of furniture it produces and ships out of its facilities. 

The North Carolina FacilityThe North Carolina Facility

As the 500,000-square-foot facility manufactures Arhaus’s household furniture, there are plenty of rumors milling about.

Many theories suggest that the brand buys its furniture from places like McCreary and Lee Industries. But nothing has been proven as of now, except for the assured quality of their furniture. 

Buying Arhaus’ Furniture

Arhaus’s manufacturing facility ensures that there are plenty of premium quality products readily available.

The brand has a strong production across America, with more than 70 retail and outlet stores at present.

Outside of the 26 states, Arhaus has also started preparing for more outlet stores in Arizona and California.

Going to any of their stores and picking out your favorite pieces of furniture has never been easier.

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However, another alternative is to visit the Arhaus Furniture website and order the products directly.

There, you can browse their entire catalog of products, from living room sectionals and sofas to dining tables and barstools. 

Their classical pieces, like the Kipton Collection, include sofas, sectionals, ottomans, and chairs. But the prices are indicative of quality.

Even compared to other luxury brands, the prices of Arhaus Furniture may seem high.

But that is because of their opulent production line, which ensures strength and durability. 

Quality Assurance of Luxury Furniture

Arhaus Furniture is regarded as a luxury furniture brand for a reason. Even though the average cost of their furniture lies in the low thousands, they have many premium products.

One of the biggest reasons Arhous Furniture is priced high is its sustainability. The natural wood used for their frames is always sourced ethically.

For Arhaus, the focus has always been on the environmentally safe side of production.

While ensuring proper quality through naturally recycled material, they also go through the proper channels to secure them. Even with such safe practices, Arhaus is not a drying brand; instead, it is thriving in the economy. 

Bottom Line!

Arhaus Furniture has made a name for itself with the quality of the product they provide. But unlike other luxury brands, they do not mass produce or outsource their products without a care for the world.

Their partners are all over the world, providing recycled materials to be made into furniture. But these facts often make people think that Arhaus is not an American Company. 

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Arhaus’s entire furniture production and manufacturing line is in North Carolina. They are not Chinese-made but are produced on American soil. And that may be why their prices are so high.

In the comments below, let us know your favorite fact about this environment-conscious luxury furniture brand. 

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