Which Companies Make Winged Coasters?


Which Companies Make Winged Coasters?

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Which Companies Make Winged Coasters?

Coaster furniture is the highlight to enhance the beauty and elegance to have them on your dream list.

The beautifully designed wing coasters are the pride of roller coasters by letting you sit on the coaster with each pair on a side.

This new experience of being both above and below you makes for a thrilling adventure.

This shiny product didn’t attract the crowd’s attention. But in between these years, it has slowly become the top choice in everyone’s heart. 

The specialty of this particular wing coaster is not the same everywhere.

Once you have a ride in an amusement park, you may never want to try the same immediately in the next park. But this is totally different from other rides. 

The diverse product got all the attention by its installation and seating arrangements.

Do you want to know the manufacturers creating this outstanding engineered coaster ride? Let’s join this ride and have fun exploring the creative part!

If you have any further queries about it, you can also check our detailed guide on the coaster furniture reviews.

1. Bolliger & Mabillard

Which Companies Make Winged Coasters?

Company B & M, the Bolliger & Mabillard Consulting Engineers, Inc. is the design company that has the pride to introduce the winged coasters to the current world.

The company is located in Monthey, Switzerland. Back in 2011, they introduced this winged coaster, the Raptor at the Gardaland.

This is the first one introduced to the world. The development and back-end engineering started in 2007 & 2008.

The announcement of this big coaster was made in 2010 at Merlin Entertainments Gardaland. 

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Wild Eagle

Wild EagleWild Eagle

This is the best addition from Dollywood, which is in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA.

This Wild Eagle has the vibe still going on in the amusement park because of the family looper with an unavoidable presence in the middle of the park. 

The unique feature of this is a three-wing coaster type made with a straight drop with a scenic lift hill.

Even though it is a milder wing coaster design, it has a very adorable scenic view. 



This unique featured product from B & M is at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana, USA.

This giant double-winged coaster’s uniqueness is from the magnetic launch. The uniqueness of this ride is from the forceful beginning and outstanding view from the park’s The Voyage Wooden Coaster.

The layout also features the reason for the success, such as the vertical loop, zero G roll, and followed by a signature in-line twist at the end. 

X Flight

X FlightX Flight

This is a successful ride at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, USA.

It is a creative innovation designed to fit in a small space and is designed to have low-to-the-ground directions with inversions like a high-speed helix finale and the most favorite dive drop.

The constant rolling makes it the most wanted coaster ride.

2. Intamin 


One more manufacturer to create the winged coasters is Intamin Amusement Rides Int. Corp. Est.

This record breaking company has a list of records with the largest inverted coasters and the most copied coaster from them, the Giant Drop.

The base of the company was in Berlin, Switzerland when it was founded yet now it has a self supported industrial company that runs in many countries. 

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The Intamin wing coasters in Skyrush, North America, USA, have a 1,186 metres maximum length, 122 km/hr maximum speed, and 62 metres maximum height. 

Furius Baco

Furius BacoFurius Baco

The Furius Baco is a fantastic wing coaster in Europe and Spain. It has an 858-meter maximum length, 135 Km/ hour speed, with 15 meters maximum height. 

Flying Aces

Flying AcesFlying Aces

The Flying Aces wing coaster is in Middle East Africa, UAE. It has a 52-meter height and 106 km/hour speed with 1104 meters in length. Additionally, it has four interventions. 

Concluding The Ride!

Who wouldn’t love the coaster rides? Almost everyone has a little bit of longing even though they are afraid of heights. These wing coaster rides are more secure, with a thrilling ride to run nothing to hold you from above or below. 

Have you wondered who made these thrilling rides into reality? Bolliger & Mabillard introduced this to the world in 2011. Now, the wing coasters are produced by the B&M Intamin Corp. 

Hope you had your own winged coaster ride experience to share with us. So, what are you waiting for, start commenting!

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